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  1. I DNF'd one during the hurricane so I guess that makes me a HurriDNFer.
  2. Today is a great day because it finally stopped raining and I was able to go out and grab a cache I've been wanting to get. And I (hopefully) helped the CO who is struggling with his/her first cache hide.
  3. Buggheart


    Yes, seriously. But yeah, that was 3 years ago and I had only been caching for one month at the time. So I seriously had never seen it And clearly had not enough experience at the time to know better.
  4. I noticed it today as well. It took about an hour but it did finally increase.
  5. Wow! I am absolutely flabbergasted and saddened that anyone would say something like this about one of the most talented, kind-hearted, ethical geocachers to ever play this game. In the 2+ years that I have been geocaching, gsix has done more for this game in this area than anyone else I know of. With the exception of the original poster of this thread, I agree with all the comments added in support of gsix. I recently moved to another state where the caches are very few and far between and would LOVE to have a cache owner as profilic, dedicated, and helpful as gsix in my area. We love you, gsix, and all you do to make geocaching in the metro Detroit area absolutely awesome. Keep up the great work. Buggheart and Infolady
  6. Sounds like the finder may have been trying to edit the original log to include the TFTH and perhaps created 2 new logs, not realizing that they were all posting to the cache.
  7. I kind of like the idea. It's like tending to your own grave in a way. Kind of creepy but kind of cook at the same time.
  8. If there are only a few, you might be able to hit up the concierge at your hotel for a little translation assistance.
  9. It means a whole lot of nuthin' up here in Michigan. We've got at least 10 more weeks of winter regardless, so I say let the poor little creature hibernate already. As for what it means for my geocaching, well, it just means that I need my down coat and warm gloves til May and easy caching due to the footprints in the snow. I actually prefer caching in winter.
  10. So, so true. Yesterday I found a cache that was just a log inside of a plastic baggie hidden under a rock in a flowerbed. The seal on the baggie was broken so the log was all wet. That's not a good container. There's also a wonderful 4-stage multi in my area in which the final is just a plastic baggie. And it's a TB and trackable hotel. Very inappropriate cache container, especially considering the valuable contents inside.
  11. Winter caching is awesome! I didn't think I'd like it but I much prefer winter caching to summer caching. No bugs, no mud, no leaves on the trees, not a lot of nosy muggles getting in the way as their just walking with their heads down to keep out of the wind. And the fresh air feels great. Having a path in the snow helps a lot too and it's fun to leave decoy tracks and other crazy things. I really hate winter, but I have to say it's a lot more bearable since I've started geocaching. And it's a good way to get some exercise in the winter.
  12. Just remember, you were probably someone else's annoying muggle at one time too. What goes around comes around.
  13. Here in Metro Detroit our wonderful and beloved Midnight Riders do this frequently. For example, this cache was named after my mom and I. It's a 10-stage multi where the 10th stage has a log to sign but also serves as the 1st stage of a second, 3-stage cache. So you can't do the 2nd cache without finishing the 1st one. It's absolutely brilliant.
  14. I don't think a PQs will ever return an archived cache. But the All Finds one will, which is why that one should be used and probably the reason the OP was only getting 209 caches. Yep, you're right. I did the All Finds and it returned 284. Thanks!
  15. Thanks so much! I didn't realize that was there (how I missed it I have no idea).
  16. Hi there, I've been fighting for about an hour with running a PQ for all my finds. I have 284 but when I run a PQ for all finds within 500 miles of my zip code it only shows 209. I've asked it to show me: 500 caches of any type any container that I have found 500 miles from my zip code (I've only cached within 200 miles of my zip code so 500 should cover it) So with that criteria, it's only returning 209 caches. Many have been archived so I'm thinking that has something to do with it, but when I select "that I have found" and "are active" and "not active" I get zero results. Can anyone offer any advice about what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!
  17. I think you hit on a key point with that statement. Around here our FTF hounds have found darn near everything and have to leave the area or state to cache. So when something new hits the site it's like ooooh fresh meat and they pounce on it. That's part of it anyway
  18. That's pretty much the same situation where I live. A new cache rarely sits unfound for more than 15 minutes to a half hour. I don't get a lot of new caches in my city as the hot spots are down by my mom's house about 15 miles away so there's rarely a chance for me to go on an FTF run. But if there is something new posted within 5 miles of my house and I'm able to make a run for it, I will certainly try. For me, the thrill is two-fold: 1. It's nice to find a cache hidden where the CO intended to hide it and not where the 2nd, 3rd, or 50th finder THINKS it should be hidden. 2. It's a great feeling when I pull up to the location and make a quick FTF grab using only my little car, my cheapo GPS, and Yahoo email to alert me that a new cache was posted. A lot of cachers around here are alerted by iPhone, Crackberry, and zoom over in their mobile command centers using 2 and 3 GPSrs, laptops, netbooks, periscopes, satellite dishes, guardian angels, unmanned drones, and a SWAT team to get the job done. It feels good to swoop in quietly, sign that fresh log, put it back where it belongs and get outta there before anyone even knows I was there.
  19. Happens to me all the time. Usually I just flash my GPS and they realize it's a fellow cacher immediately.
  20. I'm local to you and haven't done any of those. I'll have to keep them in mind. That first one sounds great. Close to home, I might have to recommend a virtual, M Cubed Museum. Lemme know if you decide to do Hook, Line, & Sinker.... Maybe I'll meet you there. I'm literally there several times a week
  21. I can't give you only one! One of my favorite multis is by a secret little group called Midnight Riders who place the most amazing and difficult caches. This one is called Nightowl's Midnight Ride (they name their caches after local cachers) and it's a very evil 9-stage multi that is totally addicting. It took my mom and I a few weeks to get it all done but it was a great accomplishment. Another shorter 4-stage multi in a great nature center is Hook, Line, and Sinker. Very tricky and a beautiful hike. I go there several times a week now as a result of going there to seek this cache. Finally, another single stage by Midnight Riders called Evil at its best. It truly is rather evil but wonderful (yeah, I have a little cacher crush on the Riders LOL, but well deserved. They rock).
  22. And FYI.... no one will laugh at you
  23. You'll always find some cachers that will trample everything. Some FTF hound literally trampled the grass, bushes and even rocks. We were second (missed him for about 10 minutes) and we have seen the destruction in his wake. What puzzles me that he trampled everything in a 15m radius even though the coordinates were spot on and they were on a rocky part of the trail. So true! There's a cacher here that I sometimes have the misfortune of following behind and I just hate to see his name on the logbook when I get it. Well actually I can always tell when he's been there before me because the entire area is trampled and ruined like a herd of bison was looking for the cache. Broken tree branches, trampled vegetation and the cache replaced either in the wrong spot, or the lid off or something annoying like that. It's very annoying and disrespectful.
  24. I usually cache with my mom but sometimes I go alone (my husband isn't much into caching, although sometimes I manage to drag him along). My rule of thumb is to leave a note with the caches I'm planning to look for so in case I don't come home my DH & mom can go online to find out where I've been. I also ALWAYS carry my cell phone with me and tune into instinct. Even though I may really want to find that cache, if I sense danger or just have an uneasy feeling, I back right out and leave.
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