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  1. Already tried gmail and yahoo both and the same thing is happening. This only started perhaps a month ago, before that I've been receiving PQ's just fine for a year.
  2. I get a few, sometimes -- maybe 1 out of 10. The rest that are supposed to come to my email from GC just disappear into the bit bucket somewhere. In the past week, I have received ONE PQ when perhaps 4 or 6 have run, including my "finds" query. How do I track this down? If I simply continue to run PQ's to see if they will come in, I'll hit the limit at 5 PQ's per day before I get anything fixed. I've already tried a couple of different email addresses, and it didn't help. Thanks, Earl
  3. One does not need to be a "dittohead" to believe in free speech. Seems to me, the way tozainamboku wrote about the "Rush Limbaugh dittoheads" was a form of hatespeak -- but it's got to the point where that doesn't count.
  4. Oooooppps... I notice it doesn't say that any more -- is banning only temporary? I figured it to be permanent. Guess I won't be out caching in that area next time I'm driving over that way.
  5. My experience is that, no matter what piece of high-tech equipment you buy, whether it's a GPS or a TV, you will "grow into it" -- before long, you'll know your way around all the stuff that just looks confusing now. If I had the money, the 400T or GPS60 or something like that would be what I use -- but I went a bit cheaper and got a Legend HCx. So... if you have the cash available, get the 400T and play with it a while.
  6. At one cache I found in California, there were womens panties all around it. There must have been TWENTY PAIR!
  7. I haven't followed this entire thread, but I keep seeing it and reading about the errors some are seeing. Is it possible this might be related to having the routing set to CAR or TRUCK or something instead of PEDESTRIAN? These settings seem to affect by bearing pointer a bit -- I'm using a Legend HCx with software version 2.40, GPS SW version 2.40 and Bravo version B. I haven't tried any upgrades as of yet, I'm watching this thread for a while first!
  8. I have one -- it should be my avatar -- but I can't get anybody to DISCOVER it. Dunno why -- the magnet with the number on it is on the side of the sleeper. Maybe it's too high for the average person to notice, but that's the only magnetic thing on the truck!
  9. First cache on 5/28/2002. Second cache found in 2007!
  10. Make sure you let his bar association know about his harassment, too!
  11. I have the Legend HCx, it's a little cheaper and doesn't have the compass and altimeter. The Micro SD card is WONDERFUL! I bought a 2 GB card. I also have an old GPS V, and it came with City Select North America. By getting a second unlock code for my new Legend, I am able to load detailed maps for the ENTIRE 48 STATES AND CANADA to the Legend and still have room left over to load custom Points of Interest (caches) for a large portion of the country. I still have room left over! This Micro SD card is GREAT! I think I have the same screen as the Vista, and the color screen just ROCKS compared to the old monochrome screen on the GPS V. I usually can't see the monochrome screen in daylight, but the color screens are great. The only think I might say is that I would have bought the 60 if I had had the extra cash. HTH, Earl
  12. Oops, belay that info about icons -- they do seem to be working.
  13. With most new Garmins, the limit on waypoints is 1000, I think the limit for POIs is something like 7500. My thread on POIs Etrex Vista HCx (POIs versus Geocache waypoints) I guess I don't have enough background to understand all of it. I'm using a Legend HCx, and I downloaded the macro, and it works fine. However, I don't see how to make the POI's have a custom icon -- they all show up as a little gray dot/circle thing. I guess it'll come to me if I keep fooling around with it. I also notice that I can have Geocache info on teh POI's, OR I can have proximity alerts, but not both. I had hoped to have the GPS alert me when I was driving down the road and got within 1000 feet of a cache, but I guess that isn't going to happen if I want to see the cache data.
  14. One thing I forgot to add -- the BNC plug for the antenna tends to get loose on the GPS V -- and the other GPSr's in that same form factor -- the GPS 2, 2+. 3. etc. You might check yours.
  15. I used a GPS V up until I bought a Legend HCx about 2 weeks ago. If you're only getting an accuracy of 30-50 feet, then either the satellite geometry isn't conducive to better accuracy, or else it hasn't picked up the differential corrections for all the satellites yet. My GPS V routinely gives accuracy figures of 5-9 feet. That being said, an external antenna is a great help in certain situations, but usually not in an open field. Using the GPS V on the dash of my car or truck, the external antenna is almost a necessity. The amplified antennas do indeed make the signal stronger at your receiver, but having the signal "maxed out" isn't necessary to get a good accurate fix. If the signal bars are blackened in, then the signal for that satellite is strong enough.
  16. I bought a Legend HCx a week or ten days ago, got the Micro SD card for it -- 2 GB -- and it holds the entire 48 states and Canada with room left over. Of course, the Legend is a more basic model than some, but it seems to be doing fine for my purposes -- Geocaching and occasional routing between cities halfway across the US. 7 3
  17. So now I'm trying POI's, too -- do I load both Caches AND POI's in the unit? Is there an advantage to either doing this or not doing it? Thanks 7 3
  18. Pretty old computer here -- maybe 5 or 6 years old. AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.00 GHz, 1.00 Gb RAM Probably ought to update it some day!
  19. It's just that this entire operation is incredibly slow. Yes, I'm trying to upload the entire 48 states -- just building the index files takes close to an hour, and then building the map set takes a couple of hours, and I don't know how long uploading the maps to the device takes because I gave up!
  20. They were absolutely gone -- I had to reload them from teh computer when I got home.
  21. Kinda takes a while to generate the index files and build the map set, doesn't it... Card arrived today and I'm trying to load ALL the maps now -- but it's taking a looooong time...
  22. I had somewhere around 600-800 geocaches and child waypoints loaded in my new Legend HCx. Today I was goofing around with the unit, going into "Demo Mode" and using it with the receiver turned off, and all my geocaches disappeared from the unit. Is this common? Is this a bug or a feature? Did this happen because I used demo mode? Or is there something wrong with my GPSr??? Thanks, Earl 7 3
  23. We just had almost the same discussion here -- that thread also includes a link to a place to order a mini SD card for the new unit. 7 3
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