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  1. Found a cache (GCW4V4) in Oklahoma in 2007. A year and a half later, the cache had been dumped out on the road, so the CO moved it -- 4200+ FEET!!! I figure that was far enough to log it again...
  2. While that may solve the "problem" for you, it does nothing to correct the fad. If enough people speak out - i.e.. tell the CO it's labeled wrong - then maybe it'll pass. Yep, I understand the limitations of my method. Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon, but I figure that they shoud start wondering why their cache isn't being attemopted so much - at some point.
  3. I don't like micros -- I think they're WAY BEYOND a waste of time. I like to find a cache big enough to have something in it, my favorite being Geocoins. If I run across somebody mislabelling a micro as small or other or whatever, I put them on my ignore list. I don't believe they're worth my time to try and correct or even discuss it with them.
  4. I found that the GPS in my 8330m would not get a lock if the BB was being charged, and it was quite slow to get a lock anyway. Not the best, and in the end, I upgraded to a 9650. I suspect the 8330m just doesn't have enough RAM to work well.
  5. Here's a funny that happened to me a couple of week sago -- check out my log for 2 July 2010. Ravens Divide
  6. I was second to find one almost three years ago and the FTF still has never logged their find. Kinda strange, if you ask me.
  7. Here's one that happened to me last September (of 2009). You might get a kick out of this, but I STILL haven't been back! It's cache number GCR4A7 -- September 19, 2009 by KD5XB [Click to add KD5XB to the VIP list.] (352 found)
  8. I've had a few bad experiences with cops -- mostly when they try to throw their weight around for no reason -- so when I see a cop near a cache, I simply leave. I have had my fill of the ones who think everybody is up to no good.
  9. I had a rattlesnake crawl right past my hand (maybe 8 inches away) once at GCYG6W
  10. when did YOU last run it? And has it worked in the past 2 days? I last ran mine on September 15, 2009 -- and I can't get my finds to come through today on November 11, 2009 -- much more than the required seven days. This doesn't appear to be a problem with trying too soon, it seems to be actually broken.
  11. I've had one for a year or two, and it rarely gets logged by anybody other than me logging it into and out of caches I drive close to. It's currently prominently displayed on teh side of the truck I drive, albeit at about 9 feet above the ground! But it just seems like that big white patch should draw some activity.
  12. FOUND IT! I happened to find some OLD email in a hidden directory! I guess my memory is faulty -- it says I found the cache back in September of 2007! The cache has been archived for 10 months and is ready to go back online.
  13. I remember I sent the owner a message via the GC site -- is there some way to find old messages like that?
  14. When I looked at it a couple of years ago, I saw a red elastic band holding a 35mm film can -- and it was laying inside the bottom of a pipe that holds a historical marker up. The only reason I found it before is that it was in a pocket query I made then. Yesterday, those same items were now clipped inside the TOP of the pipe. It's certainly confusing. I've tried looking in the geocache listing for the person I THINK owned the cache and came up empty. I'm not sure what to try next, but I sure would like to log it -- lessee -- FTFAR -- First to find after repair -- LOL...
  15. But since it USED to be in the GC website, shouldn't I be able to find it listed as archived???
  16. I figure this has been asked before, probably more than once, but the search feature isn't cooperating with me -- so -- I found a cache yesterday. I know it USED to be in the system, because I stopped and found it once before, but never logged it because the cache had fallen into a pipe and was inaccessible. Yesterday morning, I stopped to take another look, and somebody has been successful in getting the darned thing out of the pipe. I signed the BRAND NEW log, but now I can't find the cache on Geocaching.com -- not as archived, not available, nothing. As far as I can remember, it's been at least a couple of years since I first tried this one -- so how do I search for this cache? I've tried using coordinates, nearby caches, etc., but it just doesn't show up. Thanks, Earl
  17. No woreless for me -- the laptop rolled over and died last summer and I'm too cheap to replace it! I use the mapping software that came with my GPS V a few years ago -- MapSource.
  18. I use that one all the time, but carrying 20,000+ caches in my GPS is a little hard to keep current. A "rest area" cache could be run every time I'm home. Thanks
  19. You can't do anything about it. You can't message that person because that is seen as harassment and will get you booted from GC. You can't go TO them because that would be seen as harassment, too. About all you can do is complain about it in the forums.
  20. Well I rebuilt it from scratch and got the results I wanted -- I guess it's a bug of some kind that wouldn't let me edit the type of cache. Thanks
  21. I just created it, then I noticed it was giving ALL caches, so I tried to edit it to only show Traditional.
  22. I'm having just a bit of a problem -- I'm trying to edit a PQ so that I only get TRADITIONAL hides -- no multis, no virtuals, no letterboxes, etc. I have REPEATEDLY "unchecked" :Any cache type" and checked "traditional", gone to the bottom of the PQ page and click on "Submit information". Yet, I continue to get all kinds of caches. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks, Earl
  23. Yeah, it's really slow here. I'm deleting a bunch of PQ's and various routes, and it takes perhaps a minute or so each time I click the "OK". And I've noticed this for some time -- which is why I have to delete 5 pages of routes! When it's so difficult to delete routes, the chore tends to get put off.
  24. I found the answer -- Thunderbird isn't downloading them. You can close/lock this thread if you like. Thanks, Earl
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