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  1. Hi there, I am in Malta for business. Just arrived yesterday. I will be here for two months. I would like going caching in the weekend write me Lennu
  2. En síntesis: un geocacher italiano, en Madrid durante unos meses por motivos de trabajo, e interesado en los Gusanos cercanos, en particular el de la Serie Rodriguez de la Fuente, busca compañero(s) para este fin de semana (8 y 9 OCT) para realizarlo. Está abierto a sugerencias. Interesados pónganse en contacto con él. Gracias por la traduzion...
  3. Hello Spanish geocachers. I am Italian and I am staying in Madrid for a few months for work reasons. In this country you have some fine powertrails. I was looking at a few of those. Is anyone interested in hitting one of those powertrails this weekend? (8th and 9th of october) I am specifically interested in the one which starts with GC213M and ends with GC28Q4M, but I am open to suggestions for any other one The idea is to go at least in two with two cars. Leaving one of the cars at the end of the trail and drive the other car to the beginning. Working our way thru the trail and take the second car for driving back to the beginning. Actually the trail I am looking at is very long. About 13 Km. We could do it all or only part o it. We can talk about it. Please contact me if you are interested Lennu
  4. take a good look at the member features. You really get a lot for 30$ a year. best features for me are pocket queries and the advanced features on the map view. That is why I pay the annual fee. Not for the memebr only caches\ Lennu
  5. I don' think that this topic has been ever treated, anyway... I was wondering if it is possible to have a tool which compares the list of finds between two users and generate a list of caches which have been found by both. Any hints? Comments? Suggestions? It would be nice to have this feature in the site
  6. I live in Finland and here winter is quite cold. Usually we have a lot of snow. A very important attribute to tag is "available in winter" when going caching in those months. In my area there are a lot of very hungry FTF-hunters. My next cache will be named "FTF teaser" I will hide a micro somewhere during summer in and then I will publish it in winter, of course with the attribute "NOT available in winter". I will wait until there is a good meter of snow Then in the cache description I will write something like this: "ok FTF hunters. You have two choice. Either you wait for spring, but then the FTF will be long gone, or else go for it now. Don't forget a good shovel and prepare to sweat like hell!" Leo
  7. Download the WGS-84 calculator. It is a very usefuyl tool. Freeware
  8. While I was in South Africa. I had a trip to Lesotho Please read both logs A Free Ski in Mountain Kingdom? Black Mountain Black Mountain (2) Comments Welcome
  9. I think it's a nice courtesy especially where there is the potential for a lot of non local finders who speak another language where English may be the language they have in common. However I think it's a courtesy, and not a rule. That 95% of the caches in your country have the dual description is thinking ahead to the fact that the cache owners want finders to enjoy the caches. Exacly! Finally! You are the FTS! First to share my point of view. :-)
  10. Well, apparently the majority of people don't share my same point of view on this topic. I am quite surprised but I respect your opinion.
  11. No, only english England is no longer the global empire. Ok, then. Let's reconsider the opportunity of having English as a privileged language for allowing people of different culture to communicate. Are you able of recommending a good substitute? This is an interesting topic which goes well beyond Geocaching
  12. In many countries it can be seen that cache description is only in the local language. This is quite annoying since it is a fact that this is a GLOBAL community. Geocaching website is in English, most of the forums here in Groundspeak are in English. It is an acknowledged fact that English is the most commonly used language for international communication for business, leisure and other. Why not to translate the cache in English then? Of course this does not happen in every country. I am located in Finland and for at least 95% of the cache the description is in both Finnish and English. If a mystery cache is based specifically on knowledge of Finnish language, then in the cache description is at least specified: "Sorry, you need Finnish language to solve this riddle" In Italy same thing. Some italians which are not proficient in English ask for translation help from outside. In other countries instead, for example, France, Netherrland or Germany, a foreign cacher is frustrated by the language barrier. This thing about usage of english language should be not a RULE but at least a RECCOMENDATION in Geocaching guidelines. As a cache creator I would certainly hope that people from many countries around the world would visit my cache. Ultimately what is missing in some people is the awareness that Geocaching is a GLOBAL thing. I would like to know the opinion of others L.
  13. Hi there. I remember I had the same feeling exactly when I sterted. In the first three days I didn't find anything. Geocaching is a lot about experience. The first thing to do is to select caches with low difficulty level. Difficulty is rated from 1 to 5. Try selecting some caches which feature D = 1 or 1,5. That Good luck! Leo
  14. Il Navigatore è uno strumento dotato di GPS per trovare le strade. Di solito non ha una schermata con bussola e distanza dal waypoint, quindi non è adatto al Geocaching. O meglio è adatto per la fase di avvicinamento in auto. Soprettutto per il geocaching urbano. Ti porta nel tratto di strada piu vicino alla cache. A quel punto devi usare un GPS normale, non un navigatore. Ti assicuro che è una cosa insistituibile per il geocaching. Ci sono poi alcuni GPS come il Garmin Oregon che fungono anche da navigatori caricando la mappa stradale adatta. http://www.geocaching.com/reviews/gps Qui trovi tutte le informazioni sui GPS Buona fortuna e benvenuto
  15. I bought a Garmin Etrex Legend one and half year ago when I started geocaching. For paperless geocaching I was using my Ipod with cache info loaded via Cachemagnet Last week I upgraded myself to the Oregon 300. Grat thing! - Electronic Compass - Improved sensitivity compared to the Etrex Legend - Wherigo - Background Maps - Big memory .... and many more features to discover
  16. Hello there, I am an expat contractor from Europe, working in the telecom business. Anyone wants to join for weekend caching in the desert? Let's take our chance while the climate is still good. After 2 or 3 months it will be too hot. I am located in Riyadh at the moment. If you want to join, please write me Lennu
  17. Io s'ta cache delle Rovine di Galeria l'ho cercata ma non mi convince. Le coordinate puntano ad un arco con un sacco di buchi nel muro. Poi c'é uno che l'ha trovata e hya postato delle foto che puntano ad un posto che sta ad almeno 50 metri da dove puntano le coordinate. Comunque ho cercato la cache per ben due volte senza risultato. . Ne farò a meno.
  18. Look at my log for cache GCMA6A I am still having nightmares about driving on that road Lennu
  19. The largest I found was a huge case for golf clubs. it was a rigid case and as big as a human being Lennu
  20. Cache: "Hjulsta, MP #1" (GC19JFT) Urban cache in Sweden. A small park in the proximity of a residential area. In Sweden lots of caches are hidden under stones. I checked every stone carefully and eventually I found the cache. Under some nearby stone anyway, I found a bottle of whisky, still sealed. I assume that some youngsters were hiding the booze and gathering in the place to have a perty occasionally. I didn't take my chance anyway. It was a blended and I prefer Single malt Leo
  21. I reccoment nightcaching when caching in urban areas. No traffic jams and no muggles. That is especially suitable in situations when you are scoring a high number of fairly easy caches
  22. ok then what about phones with a build-in GPS units? There are a lot of them. Take the Nokia N95 ofr example. DO you need to check them at the border when you enter Cuba or Belarus? The guards might not even know that those phones have a GPS
  23. 1) Get yourself a good GPS. Good means also cheap and simple. 2) Read the general guidfelines and the "getting started" related articles. Read also carefully cache description and logs of previous cachers who found it 3) Ultimately caching skill is about expereience. When I started I couldn't find anything. I found my first cache on my third day of caching. On the second day I had 5 DNF out of 5 caches. I began to think that geocaching is boring and it is not rewarding at all. Eventually I developed some geo-skills and I started to enjoy more and more. Now my cache count is 101. I feel like I have improved a lot but I also feel that still have soooo much to learn! Leo
  24. I am italian but I am in the US for a few month for business reason. My english is rather good but when muggles approach me I pretend I am a poor english speaker and I stress my italian accent. On top of tha I pretend to be stupid. This is not an effective technique but I used it a couple of times [muggle] - May I help you? [me] - You want help me?! to do what? [muggle] - MAY I HELP YOU? (again) [me] - well, no. You may not. What about me helping you? ================================== [muggle] - May I help you? [me] - I am fine thanks [muggle] - I am <<his name>>, pastor of the church [me] - and I am <<my name>>, telecommunication consultant
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