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  1. Yes exactly, I left mine next to a cache in Rutland. long gone now.
  2. Well folks, the phantom cacher appears to have a time machine, after I deleted their fake log for last January, they have now re-logged my cache for last October. Going to give them a snotty e-mail, and report them finally now. Also sadly, the Lansdowns who have also posted on this site tell me via e-mail that a few of their Caches have been destroyed by these cache trashers doing the rounds throughout this region. With this in mind, i have suspended my cache placing programme to see how things develop. *Waves back at Alice Band*
  3. Hi Mattyboy, can you let us know on here if there are problems with your caches, then we will know the severity of these posts. Hope all is well.
  4. I've just come on here to warn of this but it seems you already know....Odd that Lutterworth in Flight was apparently logged buy these plonkers some time after it has been muggled. I think we need these caches checking to see if they are still present or just malicious posting. Bit concerned thou, i'm not that far away from this area where this person purports to have trashed caches.
  5. I'm assuming i will be allowed to use a powerful vacuum cleaner to help speed up the search..?
  6. False...but i have knelt in 'human droppings' looking for a Micro. True or False......The next cacher has never looked for a cache in snow.
  7. A very good thought blorenge, i had never thought of that. Have a gold star.
  8. The Landsdowns and myself has discussed this via e-mail, i'm local to them and i am also a 'victim' of this particular bogus cacher, as yet I've not deleted their on-line log as i'm a bit concerned they will take revenge on my actual cache's and destroy them. I have several watches on some local caches so i receive an e-mail when ever a new log is made and interestingly this bogus cacher is often logging caches with last summers dates, I think its must be so its not too obvious, however with a watch on a cache you see they recently logged it. Also they claim to have found my 3 newest caches today, I have as yet to get out to them and do an audit. I am wondering though is it up to the cache owner 'to do the right thing..?' and in this instance what would be the right thing to do..? delete the logs or just ignore them..??
  9. Bless them, hope they had a good time. If i'd known i would'nt have submitted 3 till later in the week instead of today....
  10. Go and place your caches, make sure you have read the how to place a cache page though, i was questioned by the reviewer when i mentioned wall in my hints, reviewer wanted assurance it was not a dry stone wall, it wasn't, but i should have mentioned that in the review notes (notes only the reviewer sees.) You will learn by your mistakes and more importantly by the mistakes of others, I would urge you to paint, or camo your containers even just a little, the amount of caches i have found by the reflection of the container through the under growth is staggering. I generally spray them with Plasti Kote spray (from Halfords), but today i used my 1st camo bag as its hanging in a tree. I have up till today hidden 3 caches, i take into account parking, footpaths tree cover, kids caching, nice area etc... in fact i have discounted more areas than chosen sites. Sadly my 3rd cache, an off your trolley micro was muggled before FTF, i felt awful for the many people who tried to find it, i can only conclude i was careless and was seen placing it. Knocked me back a bit, but i have thought up an more ingenious cache for the same area when i have time. Today i placed 3 more caches, so i need to write them up and submit them. Let us know how you get on with your 1st cache, and i bet you check constantly till the FTF gets there.
  11. Hello NennyandNunu, i would suggest you get an Ordinance Survey Map of your area, (the Orange ones), it will show you all the footpaths and places you can walk freely. Mine is invaluable. I have a Change Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS, it has a Geo cache Icon you can use and a find your nearest Geo cache feature, most importantly it has a cable which you can upload co ords from the PC . £50 cheaper than RRP on Amazon.
  12. Wow... interested twice...! Very good cause.
  13. How apt.... I did one of his Caches today, then shortly after lost my camera. Congrats Dakar 4X4, your name is on every cache i've looked at.
  14. Just realised I've been doing it wrong...... I've been putting large venomous Spiders in my Caches. Dam.
  15. Again thankyou for the info, this is better value than my local Wilkinsons store. Will have to find a largish Co-oP near here and see if they have them.
  16. Oh... thanks, might take a look at those. I'm surrounded by Aldi's.
  17. I'll swap you some snow for some of the mud i have around here..
  18. You need to tell it you are in the UK. Like this for instance.... SW1 4TS, UK Hope that helps.
  19. You know those little yellow things you always try to wee on in pub urinals (well I do anyway). You could have a micro disguised as one of those. Pray tell, how are us girlies supposed to do these then...??? Hmm? Hmm?
  20. Mine also arrived today, huge envelope, small bit of cardboard with coin inside with business card. No instuctions, or mission, i guess i just set it free.
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