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  1. I have been one for over a year now!! Segn Snowowl
  2. 35 miles ... the length of Guam!! Segn
  3. Sweet, sounds like a step in the right direction, thanks for the replay, can't wait to see it go live on geocaching.com Segn
  4. The team entry could be generic 'Found By Team BLAH' then all you have to do is edit your entry. The way I would like to see it, is you still get credit on your private account, and can do what ever you want with your logs. Segn
  5. Here is an idea Make a team account, the team captain can add the members of his team to a list in the account, then, when the team finds a cache, it can be entered, select the members who were with you on the find, hit submit and it give a find not only to the team, but to each individual that was present at the find. I know there would be more details to actually enabling it such as admin passwords to the account, and user passwords and such, but I believe that this could really be a useful tool to all geocachers. Segn Snowowl Guam
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