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  1. I just noticed another limitation in the messages -- it only shows the last 20. Is there a way to go back and see the older messages? I have had this problem as an earthcache owner when I have had say 30 emails to reply , it does build up very quickly , and I have had to stop as i have sent more emails that I am allowed . However the system does seem to reset it self and I could send emails again.
  2. I am trying to log some of the Labatory caches from Piratemania 8 but I do not have the URL to log them. Does any one know what it is?
  3. I have planed a geological walk round the outside of the British Library in Central London,England and will publish an event cache once we are in three months of International Earthcache Day but I was wondering whether there will be a souvenir and what we have to do to earnt it?
  4. We have just come back from a holiday in Cuba.I did not take my GPS but used my Samsung Tablet which I had loaded with pocket queries, We had a very good taxi driver. He was not cheap but he was a good driver and he now knows all about geocaching. His name is Amilocar Socorro and his numbers are 53165484 car 76418176 home.
  5. We have just come back from a holiday in Cuba.I did not take my GPS but used my Samsung Tablet which I was able to use. We had a very good taxi driver. He was not cheap but he was a good driver and he now knows all about geocaching. His name is Amilocar Socorro and his numbers are 53165484 car 76418176 home,
  6. The reason why I published earthcaches is I love urban geology and being able to walk to a spot in Central London to find rocks which are milions of years old covered with fossils. I want to share that excitment by having details of these sites on the web as earthcaches. I want people to learn how to look and analysis what they see. I find it hard to understand why peple design earthcahes and do not want to help people understand them by letting people know the correct answers? I think the guidelines need to be altered to say that earth cache owners are strongly urged to answer . every email they receive . Perhaps when they apply to publish an earthcache they should be asked to tick a box undertaking to answers all emails sent to them. I would propose that the web pages should make it clear earthcache ownership can be great fun but they do require some work. Lets keep earthcaches special . It is not about the numbers!
  7. I had thought that Earthcaches were meant to be educational and you learned from 1) preparing your answers to the question asked by the earthcache web page 2) receiving feed back from the cache owner Three times recently I have prepared my answers to an earthcache and sent off my replies and heard nothing from the cache owner. I feel that to complete the educationalional experience the cache owner should always reply with the answers or at least whether you are right or wrong.. Do other earth cacheowners agree?
  8. If the questions for the Earthcache have been answered, how would you justify deleting the "found" log? If the traditional cache is missing, what kind of maintenance are you providing? B. I have replaced the traditional about 4 times. I went to replace the log and discovered the cache was missing and reported this to the owner and suggested it was time to change the location. I posted a note that the cache was missing and yet people continued to log finds for a cache which was not there. What does that say about their honesty?
  9. A cacher has logged two of my earthcaches but he has also logged a traditional cache near my caches which I look after for the cacher owner. The cache is missing so the cache owner and I have seperately asked him where he found the missing cache. If he does not reply after a reminder should I decide I have reason to believe he is arm chair logging and challenge his finds of my nearby earthcache? What do people think?
  10. I suppose if it is a swamp a logging task could be to measure the density of the soil and estimate how much of the consents of your soil sample is water by weighting it and then allowing the sample to dry out and seeing how much the sample then weighs.
  11. I tried the new search function and it does not appear to contain a published date filter so you can use it to find caches which have just been published so I hope the full version has that filter in it.
  12. The first time I had a DNF on an earthcache featuring a fossil I thought some one had hacked of fthe fossil. I rushed tothe site but the fossil was still there. A few months ago some one stole in full view of CCTV cameras a historic bronze plaque nearby so I suppose it is always possible some one will steal the fossil! I've DNFed a few EarthCaches! One was listed as a 1 terrain, but the walk was about a mile each way. My sister was not up to that. The other required climbing 300' up a pile of coal tailings. With no pathway. Too hot for me that day.
  13. That is great. I should be able to attend. Any details on where in Germany it might be?
  14. I went to the World Space Week Website and registered an event for International EarthcacheDay. I will complete the details when we know what GSA wants for an event,
  15. Will events for International Earthcache be included in World Space Week as they were in 2014?
  16. I do not know whether is the post christmas effect but today I have had over six people try to log finds to earthcaches without sending me the answerss or sending me the answers in one name and then logging in another name. Are other earthcache owners having the same problem?
  17. So that is Sunday 11th October 2015 and Sunday 9th October 2016 This year the geological society wanted us to organise runs/walks so I was just wondering what they will want in 2015.
  18. Has the date for this been fixed yet? What are the plans? Will we have another run/walk as part of the event?
  19. the icon came though very quickly. I would resubmit it is probably a fault in the system.
  20. Cleopatra's Needle on the London Embankment. I was about to log it then learnt you need to find an earthcache for international earthcache day so kept it for the day and organised an event to get two souvenirs.
  21. International Earthcache Day Event Cache published, http://coord.info/GC5AGPX. We are meeting by the Cleopatra's needle Earthcache on the London Embankment on Sunday 12th October 2014 at 2pm.
  22. I hope to publish very soon an event cache to mark International earthcache day 2014.
  23. When is International Earthcache Day 2014?
  24. I tried to monitor my earthcache find logs with the answers I receive. If If I have a find log with out answers I try to follow it as as I regard earthcaches as special not not simple virtuals. If i receive answers that are incorrect, i took the view that an earthcache log is not a degree in geology and so long as the person has been at the cache location and had a go at answering the questions I let them log and send them the correct answers though it is worrying how many cachers can not tell granite from limestone even thought the hint should tell them.
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