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  1. I would check with your local volunteer cache reviewer via e-mail and ask them if it was a siutable location or not. They would be the one to approve or deny a cache listing for you.
  2. I am highly impressed with the response to this and very much pleased with the return. Thank you Groundspeak!
  3. This doesn't work as I just added someone with at least 2 hides but it's showing as zero on my Friends List. Didn't even know that this was an issue until I read this thread.
  4. If the KML will not be returning in any format, I would like to see the Google Maps on geocaching.com do a few things: Cache sampling past the 10km mark Ability to select certain cache search in maps County, Zip Code and other boundary lines And the biggest one 3D Rendering - the ability to tilt the map to see the 3D version and view terrain. This is just a few of the things that the KML was able to do and I would like to see the Google Map do since the KML has been discontinued. Thanks.
  5. I'm happy to see that at least one person has seen some site performance improvement. I, for one, have not seen one ounce of improvement in site performance and have noticed that the Google Maps have been extremely slow to respond since the discontinuation of the Google Earth KML. It actually takes longer then before to get the Google Maps to update. Interesting to say the least, no?
  6. Apparently I missed this post a long while ago. It seems as if my original post was correct. Groundspeak obviously doesn't care what its paying members think but only about the bottom line...which may or may not be suffering in this economy. Unfortunately, I'm seeing that more people are going to discontinue their premium memberships because of this slight by Groundspeak. I wonder how Groundspeak would feel if their server providers took something they pay for and enjoy using and discontinued it. I just wonder how bad to uproar would be from the management then. And how fast the management would switch companies to someone that did offer what they wanted. Shame that Groundspeak is the only game in town after all for its users, huh? I'll deal with the change as I used both mapping options when they were available. I found the KML easier to use overall and easier to introduce potential cachers to the sport using the Geocaching Google Earth KML file. I'll deal, but would like to see the KML returned although Have a nice day.
  7. I am also one of the few that enjoyed and used the Geocaching KML Google Earth plugin...not just on one computer but all three in my household. On top of that, I used the plugin for creating a puzzle cache that would have required the KML file to be used by individuals that wanted to search for the cache I had hidden. The same thing could not have been done with a Pocket Query from Geocaching.com as I was leaving it open for all members to find...not just premium members. Good thing I didn't hide the cache after all as I'd be archiving it almost as fast as it was placed. As for the option of loading the .gpx file from the Pocket Queries into Google Earth, I don't use that feature at all. It would take too long to receive the queries from Geocaching.com to make it worth the effort and Google Earth with the KML file was fast enough to make a cursrory search and make my plans accordingly. I feel as if the users of the KML file have been slighted majorly by the powers that be at Geocaching.com and it should be brought back and possibly reworked so that the "issues" with it are corrected. Just my two cents worth. *edit* As I think of this more and more and read that the PQ's can "do the same thing," this seems less and less like a website issue but more and more like a money grabbing opportunity for Groundspeak. After all, you can't get PQ's without a premium membership and there's no point in giving away free what you can charge for. And, just for the record, PQ's cannot do the same thing as the KML file in Google Earth.
  8. Exactly. Common sense has to break out somewhere and sometime soon about these things. While I understand, intellectually, the reasoning for these type of responses, the thing that crosses my mind and then escapes my lips is "who would want to blow up THAT area anyway?!" 9/11 has made the people of the United States paranoid and anything that doesn't look like it belongs prompts a call to the cops. Either it's paranoia or it is the desire to feel like having the power over someone else to get them to react to your direction. As an attendee of the next Geowoodstock, let me be the first to thank you for your effort! I know I will appreciate the fact that I am not going to be hassled by the police for searching here, there and everywhere while caching in the Bell Buckle, TN area. THANKS!
  9. Well, I did finally order my Garmin 60Csx but ended up doing the refurbished deal and buying from a third party reseller selling through amazon.com. $269.99 with free 3-5 business day shipping or an additional $10.99 for 1-3 business day shipping (which is what I opted for). All told, $280.98 with shipping and it's already shipped according to the e-mail I've received. Now, I just need a trainer to teach me how to use it!
  10. a good friend just recently introduced me to geocaching and I have found it to be a pleasing experience ande something to look forward to at the end of a long day of driving my truck across country. I, too, have been lurking around trying to find a Garmin 60csx at a good price and the best place I have found is amazon.com for $299.99 with free two day shipping. I'm not far from breaking down and purchasing it so that it will be home on Labor Day weekend when I get home for my hometime.
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