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  1. Very true. However, the way it sits now, its use is designed for vehicular routing. I can see the potential for geocaching later on but I doubt it'll happen anytime soon. I think that TomTom has come up with winning app though...especially since the car kit will "enhance" the GPS and there are plans on support for the iTouch in the future.
  2. I don't know about improvement of accuracy, but accuracy isn't something that's particularly paramount in vehicular routing.
  3. Announcement of TomTom for iPhone It seems that the TomTom car kit will enhance the GPS receiving and allow your iPhone to make and receive phone calls, listen to music via your car stereo and charges your iPhone at the same time. While I agree that $99.99 is a little much in addition to the "optional" car kit (price not known...by me anyway), I can understand how it will be desirable by many people...including myself. I am looking to upgrade my AT&T contract soon to an iPhone and also want a GPS for the car that I can move about easily. This seems to be a great answer to my desire for both items in one fell swoop. TomTom has come up with a winner in my opinion.
  4. There may be more, you wouldn't happen to have the GC number?
  5. My wife has decided after stepping in a fire ant hill that she doesn't want to cache until the weather turns cooler. I'm sure that once it gets cool enough for the ants to stay burrowed in, it'll be too cold to cache then. Although, she did enjoy the FTF on December 25th at 8:15 a.m. and the FTF before the fire ant incident. I believe that she's a fair weather cacher.
  6. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and ready to get back at it. I can think of a bunch of people that would've given up caching because of something of this nature.
  7. You would'nt happen to have an example or two of the apps that you could do that with, would you?
  8. I think that if such a law included material evidence (chocolate, flowers, computer memory upgrades, etc.) I would feel a great deal more loved. Perhaps you could champion such a law. Carolyn
  9. I've been wondering where this feature was on the gc.com Google Maps since I saw it on the "real" Google Maps. I like the idea.
  10. Generally, when I group cache, the first person that finds the cache usually stops and leans against a nearby tree or on their hiking stick...leaving the rest to search for it still.
  11. Your link didn't work. Oops. Try THIS and search for DB-383020 instead. Sorry 'bout that.
  12. Imagine walking into a very old cemetery at night and seeing THIS in your flashlight beam. It's such a shame that it costs $90. I'd get this is a heartbeat...especially for some of the old, OLD cemeteries that we have in the South.
  13. Right now, I'm using a Garmin 60CSx with a Dell Axim x50 PDA for paperless caching myself. I'm looking forward to the day that my AT&T account can be upgraded so that I can get the iPhone for myself and ditch carrying the cell phone+PDA+GPSr and just have the GPSr and cell phone. It'll make for a lighter pair of cargo shorts I'm sure. OT: On a side note for those that have the iPhone, is the GPS with the available maps good enough for vehicular routing?
  14. I've heard of a person that found 2,000 without a GPS and I found my first 8 without a GPS myself. I personally think that a GPSr would be a better option and you'll have a lot more success finding the caches with one. Good luck and welcome to an addicting sport!
  15. The way the game is played is extremely simple: log on, get the coordinates, go find the cache(s), write on the physical log, then come back and log it as found online. Easy. Your find count displayed shouldn't be an issue unless you decide to make it one. If you don't want to be a part of the "competition" because of your numbers, then don't be! Cache for yourself, log it as found, and go on to the next without worrying about what other people think of your numbers. It's that simple. If you don't make it about the numbers, then it's not. If you choose to be bothered by it, then it IS about the numbers after all.
  16. I have the same problem. I use MS Word to write out my cache page and usually have to go in after cutting and pasting to reformat the page to look like I want it to. THe funny thing about it is that I do NOT use MS Word to "generate" my HTML...and, as far as I know, MS Word has never had the ability to "generate" any HTML. Any particular reason why the cache submission page always messes up well-known, easy-to-use tags? Inquiring minds want to know.
  17. Because of this, I have modified my cache description and information to utilize Google Maps with some minor web research but Google Earth with the Geocaching KML file will be faster and easier. I'm offering the option to use either. It makes for an even longer cache page though. Not like 6 pages in Microsoft Word wasn't long enough though, huh?
  18. Downloading a file is something that a bunch of caches require...HERE is one example where a font file is needed to decypher a puzzle cache. There are a multitude of others out there...and, of course, if the file is something that someone doesn't want to download and install, you don't actually have to find the cache. There would be a container...only at the final location. The Virtual Tour using Google Earth would be a virtual visit to certain location across the globe...and there's no way for me to get accurate coordinates for the locations I have in mind without actually travelling to the location...which defeats the purpose of my cache being "places I would like to go."
  19. What I am saying is that the only use of a GPSr will be to find to final location of the cache when you have completed the Google Earth Virtual tour that would be required to find the information to get the final location coordinates. The Google Earth Virtual Tour that I would create on the cache page would require the use of Google Earth with 3D rendering AND the Geocaching KML file to complete the puzzle. My issue is that there are no coordinates for the waypoints and you just use the name of the location typed into the Google Earth search bar to get to the virtual location on screen. My question is this: would the reviewer reject my cache based upon the fact that I do not have the waypoint coordinates inputted onto the cache page? The final location would be hidden from the public view on the cache page. It is only the waypoints leading up to the final that I am concerned about.
  20. Between the time that Groundspeak announced the disappearance of the KML and the time that it actually disappeared, I created, on paper, a geocache that utilized Google Earth to virtually visit different places I wanted to visit across the globe, glean information from those locations to get the final cache coordinates using both the KML file and the 3D rendering that Google Earth has available. I didn't know that the KML was going away and was upset that it had disappeared. But I'm really glad it's back! Essentially, you type the name of a location into the search bar, the map flies to the location, you get the info and move on to the next in the list (about 7 or 8 places). No coordinates except for the final location needed to enter. Would this fly with the reviewers? The reason I ask is that I assisted my aunt in placing a mystery/puzzle cache in her hometown and we put the coordinates on the cache page but the reviewer came back to say that waypoints needed to be put in, even if hidden, so that he could see the locations on the map. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Thanks for your input.
  21. My first cache was a micro. But, a speical micro to my wife and me. See, we had heard of this "geocaching thing" from a friend and I was bitten by the bug really fast and wanted to get out there and start finding all the caches I could. However, we did not have the money at the time to purchase a GPSr and it looked like it was going to be some time before we would. But, I was in a hurry about getting out there and finding some caches. So, while searching around our area, my wife found out that there was a cache at the place where our marriage ceremony was performed and thought that we should make that our first cache and find it together. After waiting and waiting, I finally grab my 17" wide screen laptop with USB GPS receiver that I used as a GPS in my big rig and walked around holding that to find the first cache. We found it but it was absolutely hilarious to see me walking around with this huge laptop doing the "drunken bee dance." Here's a picture that we took for posterity. And it was hidden near this building which is where my wife and I were married.
  22. Yeah, upload the pictures to a free Photobucket or Flickr account and then post the url of that picture into the window that this website asks for. Easy, peasy, nice and cheesy.
  23. I would think that you'd put a decimal place into the number you came up with and then subtract it. So, you'd get 15.721. At least, that's what I would try first.
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