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  1. I have several bookmark listings in use. "Notify me when items on this list are logged" is activated for every bookmark listing. Unfortunately I don't receive e-mails for every log. For some bookmark listings I never receive an e-mail, for other listings I receive e-mail for all logs (I assume) and for some I occasionally receive e-mails. I tried to solve the problem by deleting the bookmark listing and add a new one with another name, but that didn't help. Does anyone recognize this problem? And how can I solve it? Thanks for your help!
  2. Vir my as 'n Hollander klink "geoskattejag" baie oulik en beter as "geoberging". Eendag kry ek 'n e-pos van Amerika van iemand wat "travelbug" vertaal met so 'n vertaalwebwerf. Die resultaat: "reis insek"; miskien is "reis gogga" beter in Afrikaans? Maar 'n gogga met 'n "honde naamplaatjie" ("dog tag")?
  3. Please notice the following logs: GCH9HP - Cara's College Cache (most difficult to find?): "I as well had a problem with this one. I'm marking it as found not because i found the cache you left, but because this was the last cache i was going to visit while in country and i had 2 travelbugs i needed to drop off, therefor i have created a cache box of sorts in the most expected spot. Mind you i am not, and cannot take charge of this cache. I'm only creating a temporary spot for the bugs i'm leaving behind. " TB9954 - Mr Forgetful (Travel Bug): "Mr Forgetful was finally transported to Amsterdam today. Unfortunately, the cache was so small that the tag had to be separated from Mr Forgetful in order to continue on it's travels." Fortunately the next geocacher logged: "Mr Forgetful is the first travel bug we found. Unfortunately we only found the tag because the geocacher who placed this travel bug in Amsterdam Urban 1 had to seperate the soft beanie toy from the tag, because the microcache was to small to hold Mr Forgetful. We took the tag to find a new traveller to acompany it during its travels." What must we do with these fellow geocachers?
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