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  1. Using .GPX files with Google Earth doesn't require an upgrade. I haven't upgraded yet, and am using it with my Pocket Query .GPX files. Just drag a .GPX file onto the app, and voila!, they're all loaded. If you want to download waypoints and tracks directly from your GPSr, then an upgrade is required. or use mapsource to export it all into a gpx and google earth will have it...No need for any $$$............Errrr this was probablly allready covered....I'm slow
  2. I still havent recieved my rebates from gpsexplorer or garmin....I sent them both around 3-4 months ago..........AHHH......
  3. What connector do I need to get for my 60CS??? I'm not sure.......thanks!! Delay
  4. same here for the 60cs.......I dont know if it ever worked.....
  5. how much are those things anyway? I would like to get one when i gots the dough.. pat
  6. its funny they want me to upgrade just to connect my GPS to it...You can just use mapsource and make a GPX and its all there.....pretty cool.......
  7. same thing happend to me this weekend when camping..I wanted to see the decent in graph form and was starting to get mad...I turned on the track log and that was it...you learn something new everyday with this toy!!
  8. 60CS...Thanks tax refund!!!!!!!! I love it..It has way more stuff than I need...
  9. Just downloaded it and its pretty darn cool...I think I might have to upgrade to get the GPS stuff...Go check it out...the 3d buildings are neat to look at... Pat
  10. He also doesnt really care he was in Floyd..He's over it....and this is a fact...
  11. I friggin love it like its a third hand. Its just so grand...Yeah thats it....I wanted a change in topics...I wanted good news.....So if you love your 60C/CS post it here!!! Delay
  12. Take the money and run..really...Never go back there again, if you can that is....HEHEHE someone is one mad person right now!! delay
  13. boy if that was my 93 Geo Metro, I would be dead!
  14. File sent to your gmail address. Let me know if you get it. I want it please!! Delaypatm@comcast.net
  15. Thanks everyone for all the help!!! Pat!
  16. Ok, so I am going camping soon at Wrights lake here in Ca....the only thing is, where the heck is it? I wanted to see if there are any caches in the area and cant find it on city select or keyhole...Is it called something else?? I know this post is a little OT, but I want to know so I can make a route in my 60cs.............If anyone can help me, please let me know in e-mail......Delaypatm@comcast.net Thanks much everyone!! Delay
  17. So does anyone have a working link?????????? Delay
  18. There was a scene where there were hookers on a corner and one says to the other "hey this isnt your corner", the other one says "my GPS says it is".....HEHEH too funny... Delay
  19. they will have a bad life and it willl come back to bite them on the hiney! JERKS! Karma is a female dog...... Delay
  20. I just find the nearest one and do a go-to......
  21. Is it still doing it with 3.9????? I havent had a probelm since the last few upgrades... DELAY
  22. When I was a kid I took my scanner(radio) with me and they made me turn that on...the lady seemed pretty interested when I told her I could get cell phones.....Ahhh the good old days before digital phones messed everything up...LOL....... Delay
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