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  1. I will take it off your hands!! HEHEHE.....
  2. What does project a waypoint do anyway??? I can't figure it out.......
  3. I can't wait till I have some money so I can get a external antenna!!
  4. Cool thanks, Guess I really don't need it then...Thakns!! pat
  5. I have a 60CS and was wondering if I should download D00590XA-Marine POI Database software version 1.0 as of August 4, 2005, or leave it alone?!?!? Not too shure what it does... Thanks Delay
  6. Same problem here...Using version 4.00.........
  7. Cool cool...I ended up getting the cobra micro talk with the 12 mile range(Much less expected)...I am digging the weather radio on them..That could come in handy...Shoot I only paid $4 because I had 2 gift cards, so I think I got a pretty good deal....Thanks much for all of your help folks!! Delay
  8. I havent used my CB radio in awhile, but I remember people having over 5 watts of power and nothing happing to them. I'm just going to buy the radios and if the FCC trys to get me I will tell them I had no idea....Its not like I will be using 20 watts of power or anything...Thanks much all for responding! Pat
  9. are your settings correct? Go into the setup and see if the battery type is correct...That happend to me when I switched from rechargeables to regular AA.....Hope that helps! Delay
  10. Quick question...A friend and I are thinking about getting some better 2-way radios..We really don't need the rino's...I have pretty much been looking at cobra models with a 12mile range...My question is this, If I was to get the 12mile range one, do I need to get a license in order to use it? I'm not really to sure if I do or not. I always thought that the more wattage you use the FCC doesnt like..We live only about 6miles away,but it is much cheaper then the phone(and more fun!) If anyone can help me on that it would be awesome... Thanks much! Pat
  11. Waypoint memory is not the same as map memory. Thanks much, Now I know!
  12. I sent garmin an e-mail also...Lets see if they fix it...Glad its not just me! God I love the fourm!!!!!!
  13. Looks cool, but I think my old talkabout is just fine, I cant even find anyone on there anyway, well besides kids and spanish speaking people..It is funny to listen to kids play around playing hide and seek...Ah the good old days of using CB on Ch14 playing in the dark trying to find a friend with only sound and a limit on where you could go...anyone else do that?? I mean i'm not old, so its not the old days..I was always the dork who would stand outside with my Radio shack TRC-226 CB trying to talk to truckers and getting "there is a rubber duck out there, anyone hear that?".....HEHE sorry...my life story of being a nerd... Delay
  14. ok say you fill the 56mb on the 60CS, does that include waypoints also?!?! just wanted to know...I have all of nor cal loaded in(well most) and some of NV, I think a total of 48mb...Not sure, I havent loaded anymore since I don't travel too much....Thanks all! Delay
  15. I am running version 4.00 I only noticed it the other day and thought it might be because the batts were runnig low...Darn software!!
  16. Nice!! if you are like me you will love it!! I'm glad I went with the 60cs because it does everything I need and soooooooo much more...I am still finding things I didnt know about....I just got into playing with the tracks and uploading them to google earth...So neat...Anyway Have fun with your new toy(that is, when it comes!)
  17. same thing happend the other day...Do I need to do a reset??? I'm getting waas..never notice the map locking up before.............
  18. I like GSAK, but I feel as if it is way too much for what I need...EasyGPS works great and is just what I need....
  19. Well it looks like i'm on my own...Oh well I will keep trying to find caches untill I get bored I guess!! delay
  20. This is a call for help, I would really like to go out with an experienced cacher and learn how to find these buggers better...I want to be able to cache on my own(with friends), and actually be able to find the cache....So if anyone has any free time during the weekends, please let me know! I just want to be a tag-a-long!!!!!! thanks all!!! Pat
  21. Hi all...I have a 60cs and just upgraded to the newest mapsource, and they are talking about using nroute for stuff...Do I really need it??? I don't have a laptop...Just wondering!! Thakns! pat
  22. I actually recieved 1 rebate today, but they spelled my name wrong..HA! Not sure who its from though....so i'm sure its all good and stuff..
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