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  1. looks like I will stay with my 60cs, doesnt seem to do much more...Good now I dont feel left out in the dark with an old unit!!!
  2. So I saw updates for the 60c and asked if it would work for the CS. Here is where my question lies, when I use the webupdater thing it says I have the current software(4.0), I know the c(s) have the same chipset but dont know if I install the software, will it mess my 60cs up????????? I just want to be sure...Thanks!!
  3. I wonder when they are going to update the 60CS????
  4. I actually have one of these from a friend who got it at a gas station for a reward for using his card..HEHE anyway, It is good enough to go caching with, but the decimal place only rounds to like 3 digits if I remember correct, so it wont be exactly on, you will have to search around...Its a good basic unit though....Hope that helps!! Delay
  5. I think I will stick with my CS forever, it does what I want. I dont really travel, I geocache every now and then, I use it mostly in the car for when I have to go to new schools to teach or to bug the crap out of friends with "8miles left dude, youre going 75MPH". I just hope they continue with the updates!!!
  6. Today when I went to work, my boss asked me about the tom tom and I really didnt know what to say..I told him its mostly for the car. I said he could spend less and get something better..Did I tell him the right stuff, or was I blowing that out my hinder?? Thanks Delay
  7. It is for trying to get to a distant object that you can see--such as a lighthouse or a mountaintop. You sight the item, then put in the approximate distance to the object in the GPS and it will take you there. AHH I see..I guess it would work good if I was camping..thanks for the info! Delay
  8. I still have never figured out what that feature does and how to get it to work..when I try it sends me like 32miles away...How does that thing work and what is it for?!?!? Thanks all! Delay
  9. Hey I saw in Time they have invented a type of waterproof paper that wont mold and is easy to write on...I wonder how much its going to cost...Its going to be awesome for logs!!! Just wanted to pass the to you guys... Delay
  10. Hummm I cant seem to get the update to find using Mapsource update....
  11. For the price you pay for that thing I want a 60cs.........
  12. see the thing is that it does come up, with streets, only in the city menu. If I wanted to type in an address it wont find it. The maps are loaded....strange I know...
  13. Hey all, I was trying to go to Cameron park, ca today and the 60cs wasnt showing cameron park in the address input menu. It would show it on the city page though....I have a 60cs ver4.00 with city select 6....Any thoughts?!?!?!? Thanks! Delay
  14. AHHH I see...Thanks for the info...I really liked that thing...It was so handy...I guess I have to go back to the old way and import them...SIGH..HAHAHA like its hard...HAHAhAH!!! thanks!
  15. So what happend to the cool overlay thing where you could see the caches on the map without having to import anything?!?!?! It used to work great.....Anyone know?!?
  16. What a minute, are you saying bass and drummers arent musicians? Youve got to be kidding man.....I hope you are kidding, because if it wasnt for bass and drums there would not be a groove, it would be all wank guitar and singing...Speaking of singers, they do nothing special......HEHEHEHEHHE See ya, back to caching and the related subjects.... Pat
  17. Yes I think thats a good idea. GPS dreams...HAHAHA Totally nuts.....that should be the next title of our album, Delayed Sleep: GPS Dreams HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  18. Thats what my girlfriend said.....HAHAHA
  19. Soooo...you sleep with your gps? HEHEH no I just had it on top of my record player because it was in my backpack that my friggin cat peed in...Luckly it wasnt in there when he peed on it...Stupid cat....
  20. So this really doesnt involve caching but I had a crazy dream about me going swimming with the GPS in my pocket and when I got out it did a really strange screen thing and wouldnt work...What a sad dream..I woke up and it was next to me and I was happy..HHEHEHE
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