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  1. I am still experiencing issues. I realize that this is a 64 bit issue but at the very least ground speak should post that this does not work with 64 bit vista or Win7. Does anyone have a solution for the map which I still cannoit get top work or am I totally off base and this is a separate issue. Iam really new to Wherigo builder so be nice Marc
  2. Sometimes I'll still print off a page of the park or greater area I'll be caching in, assembled from screen prints in Photoshop and run off on the laser printer. Sometimes there is no substitute for a piece of paper. You might want to check out the Garmin custom maps. It will allow you to take the area with you including a Google earth overlay. It will have a bit of a learning curve but will likely be worth it. View here Garmin Custom Maps Also anyone considering a 450 I picked up a Zagg screen protector I would recommend it as an essential requirement to keep the pretty screen pretty
  3. Just a quick follow up. I turned off the compass for Geocaching and the problem vanished. I realize that this means I am relying on the satellites and that is only work when moving but I was able to walk straight to the cache, following the line.
  4. GSAK does not directly support the Colorado. There is a macro you can download for GSAK that will let you send the files to your Colorado. Or you can directly export the GPX file to the G or H or what ever your Colorado shows up as. If the caches are all in 1 GPX file you can send up to 2000 caches. You cannot edit these caches nor delete them once they are on the Colorado until you have a PC and can overwrite the entire file. The 127 limit refers to the total number of files you can put on the GPs. You need to make sure you delete the ones you do not want on a regular basis. I personally upload about 500 caches as a single GPX file (always use the same name that way it overwites and deletes the old data) once a week. I then only upload directly 1 at a time for a new cache that just came out that I might want to go and grab. Once done this single file can be deleted. You could do this daily if you needed to or you could have several files each covering an area then after caching in an area just overwrite that area to update. without having to update the entire GPS
  5. I have a new colorado 300 and have been use a Legend Cx up until now. I have a problem that I think is likely related to the issue you are talking about. First so we are clear I have ver 2.50 and am not really comfortable with moving to Beta software (been burnt a few times, I'll wait) The problem occurs when we are Geocaching, I do not use the compass to geocache but cache on the maps. The Colorado displays a nice pink line pointed toward the cache but the cache is not at the top of the screen even though I am walking towards it. I have resorted to moving and verifying that indeed the distance to the cache is dropping to verify I am heading in the right direction. I have walked on trails that I know lead to the cache only to have the GPS show me moving diagonally across the screen, following the pink line or occationally even backward which is really disconcerting as you cannot even see the cache on the screen. As you get closer to the cache it's almost a snail shell pattern to close in and find where the GPS zeros. I have played with the setting and was convince that somehow the tracking was off. I kept trying checking the ensure that the setting track north was not on and it wasn't, north was not always up. I am thinking now after reading this forum thread that maybe the issue is that the compass is indeed turned on and I have never calibrated it. I will try both turning the compass off while geocaching or even better try calibrating it. I hope this will eliminate the problem and will post back if this does correct it.
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