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  1. Yes, you got me right - I didn't know that I had to log seperate. Somehow I came to the idea these logs would change or something like that when the cache was maintained and I wasn't able to find out anything about this kind of log Thank you for your help!
  2. Hello, I marked 2 or 3 Caches as "needs maintenance" (months ago.. one of them soaking wet..). After i while I realized, taht these Caches are still marked as I would hagve never found them, they don't appare in my (public) Logs and, an, a bit more annoying - even in the map. So what can i do to get these marked? It doesn't seem the owner wants to maintain them, the next vistors just log without further comment (so should I have done.. )? And, does anyone know WHY these are marked like "not found" in the map & logs? After all they must have been found, so that one could log at them & possibly decide to log them as "needs maintenance " Greets, Darkcat
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