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  1. To work. But then again it does pay for my GPSr and the trips with it. I may grab a local one or two.
  2. How about one in Iran's Nuclear (for peaceful purposes) installation. Would it get approved? Sods law one of my geocoins or TB's will end up in one of these caches.
  3. Great idea, but please let's try to make it more interesting than our American friends podcasts. I listened to a few and got bored of listening to them telling me they were crossing roads and lifting stones etc. OK i know it's hard to come up with ideas but I'm sure we have a few cachers with more exciting experiences than that! Being a media man Alistair i'm sure you know a few tricks to keep the interest level up.
  4. A big WELL DONE Des and Bren I bet about 20% were FTF's
  5. Getting worse!!!! 20 minutes just to log on to the site tonight. Nearly gave up
  6. GONE AGAIN - Third Time today i can't get a page up. Getting really pi**ed with this now. Just renewed my subscription too! (not that i wouldn't have anyway) Aaaahhhhhh! Rant Rant.
  7. Just found mine in my Junk mail box marked as SPAM. That's good enough for me. I've already had to change e mail addresses to get rid of SPAM. so that's where it will stay.
  8. FTF = 2,070,000 Vs DNF = 2,700,000 Oops didn't see Nediams figures! A lot of caches suddenly found?
  9. I am very suprised the very quick Snerdbe didn't pounce on the Dudley cache. He must be out of town.
  10. Yep, I've logged a couple and have even got a couple, one in the Canaries. I can't say they light my fire much and i only log 'em if there is little caching activity around. My own have only been logged a couple of times so i don't think many others are interested either.
  11. My Alpha 156 got bashed twice in an hour in a car park in Lichfield whilst doing the Rabbits cache last year. A dented front wing and an opposite rear wing resulted. Two days later whilst caching in Leicester a 4x4 reversed into me apparently not knowing i was there whilst i watched from a cache. That's all four corners with a dent now. I suppose i'm just unlucky.!
  12. This cache popped up just up the road from me yesterday and i was hoping for a FTF, until i read the description. Going for it this weekend but with 38 pubs to visit, how far will any of us get? Maybe this should be a Geopoly place as mentioned in another thread. I wouldn't mind dropping on it.
  13. Being born and bred in North Wales, first starting out at Trigpointing, and, suprisingly liking it up mountains and hills. Guess how i got my nickname?
  14. If you scan bank notes for monopoly do you go straight to jail, not passing go and not collecting £200 on the way? Beware of which caches you nominate for the game. We don't want houses or even worse a hotel built on the site of them do we?
  15. Sadly, if that isn't bad enough, theives also know your home co ordinates from your GPS and get back to your house (assuming you have set your home co ordinates). They know you're not there because you're sorting out your car. I'll leave the rest to your imagination!
  16. I agree with all that's been said so far. We like to encourage and maybe enjoy the baffled looks when people ask what our hobby (can i call it that now) is, but maybe feel uncomfortable with the thought of it becoming a mass activity. When i first started there were only a couple of us in the area i live, very few caches and i hardly ever met a fellow cacher. Recently there has been quite an influx of cachers and associated caches and i have met a least six other cachers when out and about. All in all i think it's good for the hobby and there's still plenty of room for lots more cachers and caching. I wonder if footballers felt the same way when that hobby/game first stated?
  17. Nice to see the one i dropped off in Spain is doing well. Cryptic found it in USA and moved it on. Hope to get my own this year and let it go! I hope.
  18. I am 48 but feel like a 19yr old. Only another 17yrs until full time caching.
  19. I use this place Re Chargeables. Great value for memory cards as well. I usually leave my GPSr on normal setting, the batteries last about 10 hrs with 2500mah batteries but the signal does update quickly. I have used battery saver mode but found i was standing around a lot waiting for the signal to update.
  20. I agree. A certain newbie in the midlands has set 15 and found 1. His first caches were rather poor and in chinese takeaway containers, they were not very good and were picked up as so by the publishers. However his more recent caches have shown a noticeable improvement and are well thought out. So he is learning from the cache logs and taking action. I would like to see him do a few more himself though so he can get an idea what caching is about. As long as they are maintained i have no problems.
  21. No For all the reasons others have given above.
  22. FTF This is what mine looked like.
  23. GCTNJP Just did this "Sneaky Lunchtime cache" and bumped into another cacher Wisewol doing a "Sneaky Lunchtime cache" Even had time for a chat
  24. All aboard the Skylark. Laughing black birds and Custard spring to mind.
  25. Once upon a time i used to mow the lawn and wash the car at weekends. Once upon a time it used to take me 2 hours to drive to my mums in North Wales, now it takes a day. Once upon a time i used to watch telly in the evenings now i try to solve puzzle caches. You'll soon see what you've got yourself into! and you'll enjoy every minute of it. Welcome to a very addictive pastime. Get out as often as you can and enjoy it. I do
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