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  1. Not just needles, which i have encountered three or four times, but, i also found half a broken bottle in a cache hole, several rusty tins etc.

    Last year at a countryside cache, an Adder slid away quickly over my foot.

    I slid away extremely quickly in the opposite direction. :laughing:

    So make sure your Tetanus is up to date and always look before you leap.

  2. Now i know this has probably been answered before (i hope) but i haven't visited the forum for a while so may have missed the answer.


    I can download all the POI's i want for my TOM TOM 300 caches but can i alter the bitmap and voices for different cache types. Regular, micro, multi, unknown etc.


    That way when i'm out and about but maybe haven't got the cache details with me i can pick up the regular caches along the way without finding out it is a multi and i haven't got the vital bit of info i need with me.

  3. I say "Let them stay". I have been contemplating archiving a couple of mine due to lack of interest for a few months, but as Jango states there was a burst of activity.

    New cachers in the area, people passing through, visiting relatives all made the difference.

    They also brought fresh caches to the area.

    One of mine is rediculously easy to find and i have often thought about putting it to

    bed but newcomers to the game always go for this one.


    So unless there is cache saturation, or you're thinking about replacing like for like

    i say let them be. I bet the caches will be logged soon and the emails will arrive in your inbox.

  4. I've got a Nokia N70. I use the free Mobipocket reader and download

    the Mobipocket files at the same time as the .gpx files.


    Also got the Streetmap add on from O2, the geocaching applet for

    updating whilst out and about, and insta notify set up for new caches in the


    That covers about all i need and works well for me.

  5. Sounds like the Midlands would be a good place for a Mega Event.

    As SP states, M1,M42,M6 not forgetting the M69, Coventry,Birmingham and

    East Midlands Airports for our continental cousins to come in by.

    Easy access from North South East and West.

    Lots of parks, caches, conference centres (if you want to go that way).


    As for numbers it depends on how well the event is publicised in the

    geocaching community and the timing is crucial.

    What is a bank holiday here probably isn't abroad.


    Sounds good to me though. :ph34r:

  6. How about


    Big Log - Robert Plant (celebrate 1000 caches)


    Dirt in a hole - Robert Plant


    Walking towards Paradise - Robert Plant (FTF)


    Another one bites the dust - Queen


    Action this day - Queen


    Play the Game - Queen


    River Deep Mountain High - ? (can't remember) :(

  7. I thought i had the same problems with my TOM TOM when i updated the software but i didn't.


    The first 40 or so nearest caches are shown in the POI menu but the other caches were still in the TOM TOM. If i scrolled the map or went on a journey the nearest 40 showed up wherever i was in the country.

    This only started happening since the software update.


    Don't know if this is the problem you have but hope it helps. :lol:

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