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  1. I have a Garmin 60cs and Mapsource. I use Pocket Queries to get my gpx files, and watcher to manipulate them, gpsbabel to convert them to pcx and then I import them into Mapsource and then download the points to my GPSr. Somewhere in this process several of the waypoint icons get changed from the geocaching treasure chest to a scenic area camera symbol. Does anybody have any advice on how to prevent this from happening, or how to change them en masse in Mapsource. I like my current system and this is the only problem I have with it, although automating the steps would be nice. It appears that to do this in Mapsource you have to select each point one at a time, rather than selecting all of them and changing the symbols in one action. Thanks for the help!

  2. In CitySelect v4 the greater LA area, extending north to about Santa Clarita, south to San Juan Capistrano and east to about I-15 is about 28 MB. This is 11 maps. The LA map is 2.8 MB and covers the area from Glendale on the west to Arcadia on the east, Huntington Park on the south and a bit north of Mt Wilson on the north.


    The San Francisco map is 3.23 MB and also includes Berkely, Tiburon, etc.

  3. Regarding your second question about how far you can get down the road- the city select data depends, as you would expect, on the density of the data for a given area. For example, the San Francisco area takes 9.48 MB, but 9 MB will also store the entire state of Wyoming. I have a 64MB card in my GPSMap 196 and I keep all of MO, IL, and WI on it along with selected parts of KY, FL, and AL.

  4. I don't think the GPSr sent their location to the Coast Guard, it looks like the men told their rescuers their location when they called for help with the cell phone. Most GPSr do not send any information to anyone, they simply receives signals from the satellites. Now a PLB (personal locator beacon) would send your location to rescuers when activated, but the article does not mention anything about a PLB being used.


    This is part of daily business for the coast guard. Unless there is a special circumstance the party should not get a bill, just like your fire department doesn't bill you for putting out a house fire. Having said that, I used to live in a rural area where I didn't pay taxes to a fire district. If we had a fire, we would get a bill for it.


    I work for a branch of the Air Force that does search and rescue for downed civilian pilots. Our expenses are paid by the Air Force, not by the person rescued. Or in some cases we might be contracted by local law enforcement for a missing person search or by FEMA for disaster relief, etc. In those cases the expenses are paid by the requesting agency.

  5. I purchased a Garmin 196 last year which came with City Select 1.xx. In November I got the email below from Garmin regarding the update. I have not purchased it, so can't give specific comments on changes, but hopefully their email will help a bit.


    Email from Garmin:

    Garmin is pleased to announce an update to MapSourceTM North America City Select v5. The North America City Select CD ROM will contain updated map data for the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. In addition to updating many areas within the United States, detailed coverage for five Canadian cities has been added. City Select contains detailed residential street level detail for the United States, and includes residential and business addresses in metropolitan and rural areas.


    North America City Select v5 is compatible with the Garmin GPS V, NavTalk GSM phone, iQue 3600 and GPSMAP 196.




    Our records indicate that you have unlocked a previous version of North America City Select prior to September 17, 2003. Therefore, you are entitled to a preferred-rate update of $75.00, which will gain you full access to all the detail on this updated CD-ROM.


    Please visit the link below for more update details, and to complete the form to have the updated North America City Select v5 CD-ROM shipped to you at no charge. Please be advised that a previous installation of North America City Select must be installed on your computer for this updated CD-ROM to install.


    Visit our website now to order your update CD. The update CD will be shipped to you in a few weeks.



    Features of MapSource North America City Select v5 include:


    * Updated full-coverage map detail--as provided by our data supplier, Navigation Technologies for freeways, interstates, national and state highways, and local, county, and residential roads for metropolitan and rural areas throughout the contiguous United States.


    * Updated coverage for Canada. The following cities have been added: Edmonton, AB; Kelowna, BC; London, ON; Quebec, AC; and Stratford, ON.


    * Coverage for Alaska and Hawaii provided by using supplemental unverified government sources. This provides full coverage for all 50 states in City Select!


    * Updated Points-of-Interest detail.


    If you have questions regarding this product, please feel free to visit our main MapSource Unlock page (http://www.garmin.com/unlock/). From there, you will be able to access FAQs that answer many questions regarding this update, including pricing information. If you have additional questions, you can reach us at cartography@garmin.com.


    Best Regards,


    Garmin Cartography



    Garmin International

    1200 E. 151st Street

    Olathe, KS 66062

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