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  1. Has anyone ever tried Quest Ni-MH batteries? I bought them two years ago for a digital camera, and have never had to buy batteries again!! It can't get any better that having one set charging and one set in use. Now I use 'em for FRS, GPSr, and digi-cam. And even my Mp3 player. Anyway, these things are awesome....and cheap!!! www.questbatteries.com
  2. I would definitely check your phone book for a Army/Navy surplus store. They get 'em dirt cheap, and sell 'em dirt cheap. I got 4 cans (like brand new!) for 3.25 each! And only had to drive 10 mins. for them. Talk to the owner and tell him you need several and I'm sure he'll produce! If he doesn't have them in stock, he can get them by the pallet!
  3. I would think that it may have (at one time) been a geocache. The geocaching.com web-site must have been printed in or on the cache, thereby directing the original poster to this site!!! Otherwise how would the afforementioned poster even know where to look?
  4. I found my first one very easily. In fact, I almost walked past 'cause my gps said 75 feet to go! It was an easy find.
  5. Welcome to the world of geocaching!!
  6. Yo, check out this link http://sissy-n-cr.com/store.shtml . It's not a decal, but a stencil that you can use over many times! And it looks coooool.
  7. Hmm, let's see...... These are my usual caching accessories: Couple of Rocket Propelled Grenades, An UZI in each hand, Grenades on the belt, Flame Thrower, an AK47 or similar assault rifle, and a .45 auto on each hip. Oh, and a few trade items! Only kidding.....I don't know what all this would cost, but I'm sure it's alot!
  8. I'm a long-time hunter in PA and sometimes, as it seems, the formula is: More people moving around in woods = more wildlife spotted. I used to get upset when I would take the time to get up absurdly early to be the first in the woods, only to see some one else stumble into the woods at 9:00 am. But the more it happened, the "luckier" I got!!!! I've tagged more game on Saturdays than any other day. And it's because there are more people moving the deer around. So every time I see someone walking around, I get ready for some action. It never fails! If any hunter ever gets mad about you being in the woods while they are hunting, just remind them that people usually "bump" deer to other hunters and they should be happy that you are moving the deer around. The only reason I say all this is because a 4-wheeler "helped" me bag my first bow-killed buck! Thanks - whoever you were!
  9. I think you should place a cache to reflect the type of person you are. If you are an outdoorsey, hike through the woods type of person, like myself, and live near those types of places, then place caches that way. You will mostly attract people who appreciate those types of places and have no problem spending an entire afternoon hiking through the mountains and only logging 2 or 3 caches for the day. On the other hand, if you are more of a city slicker, like my brother, place caches that way. You will mostly attract people who are used to the urban environment, and can appreciate their surroundings (archetecture, parks, fountains, historical areas, etc.) while logging tons of micros. If you like Wal-mart parking lots, then go for it, but you probably won't see a guy like me searching for it....then again, if it were close to my home, maybe I'd give it a try for the heck of it!!!! The biggest thing I've learned through caching is to have fun with it no matter what. If it becomes no fun looking for light poles, head for the mountains.....literally. If your thing is not hiking through the wilderness, visit the nearest city and search out micros. But by all means, it's just a game.
  10. Those stencils look great! I'm gonna order some. Like earlier posts, I'd rather order them than try to cut 'em out.
  11. Our SporTrak map has always been a little off, but I just figured it can only be so close.
  12. This happened to us last weekend. We approached a cache that was about 250 feet off the AT. We were about to turn off the trail when we saw some people (obviously cachers) looking all around the area. So we continued on the trail to let them find it. We also didn't want to spoil our own find. But as we walked on, we heard "Are you caching?" We said yes, and they actually asked us for help! We had a great time chatting with this couple and found the cache together. Other than that, I would never approach a cache seeker since I wouldn't want to spoil the hunt for them.
  13. Army/Navy surplus store sells ammo cans cheap, cheap, cheap!! You can sometimes get 'em for 2 or 3 bucks a can! I think that is cheaper than tupperware. If you can't find them locally, check out www.cheaperthandirt.com . They are a little more expensive, but they are cool! Good Luck!
  14. In my own experience, I found 25 or so before I really got the urge to hide my own. I'm pretty new to this myself, and it was very exciting to place my own cache! In fact I knew the location, the name and everything about the cache before I even bought the ammo cans!
  15. I would set, submit, and wait. If there are any problems, you can always remove it. That way, if it gets approved fast, you don't have to rush to get it out there. You can just wait for the logs to appear! Good Luck on your 1st cache!
  16. Tried the Terra-Server and added the &s=8 with no luck. Then tried with &s=10 and it worked!!! It zoomed all the way in and centered the cache location directly in the middle of the page. Thanks for this bit of info!
  17. Mine has followed me for a while now. The word Cruz1n (with the #1 instead of an "i" because cruzin is usually taken as a user name on the web) comes from the fact that I am an avid mountain biker and my bike of choice happens to be a Santa Cruz, from Santa Cruz, CA. So I put 2 and 2 together and came up with Cruz1n4Cache. Pretty simple, but kind of symbolic of my love of cycling.
  18. In Pennsylvania, our spring turkey starts May 1st and goes until the 29th. There is, however, a junior hunter day which is the Saturday before the regular season (April 24th). Keep in mind, though, that you can cache without worry during the afternoons as turkey hunters are to stop hunting at noon and be out of the woods by 1:00 pm.
  19. Caching is great fun, and I love the thrill of the hunt. I took my sister caching for the first time it was very disheartening to see her face when she opened the container. I felt so sorry for her, but at least we enjoyed the hike together. I was trying to introduce the sport to her 'cause she wanted to get out and exercise her recovering leg. I edited this log, because I didn't want to sound like I was expecting a "treasure", but I've been to some very well maintained caches which were a treat to find.
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