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  1. Is there any one or more company that is more reliable than others? I've seen threads where there were issues with the production. Also, what is the standard production time from the time the design has been finalized?
  2. My wife & I are approaching our 1000th cache, and we'd like to give back to the community by creating a coin trail in the town my Mom lives in. There are currently only about 11 caches in the entire town, so there's PLENTY of room to add more! I'm working on getting the pitch together for the city & historical society, but I've never made a coin, so I don't know the costs that are associated with it, or where to begin the process. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance! -Jodi of theGeoJos
  3. Sooooo... about these sticks.... Are you planning to sell them? I know some people these would make great presents for.
  4. ISO any low priced, unactivated geocoins. Not really picky as to what they are, just want to buy several to send them across the country and watch them. Without letting go any of my precious children that I can't let go. If you have any laying around that you just don't want or need, please let me know.
  5. LOL, that's what my collection looked like when I started (for about a week maybe two) but then look what happened! Well I have a couple ordered and on the way, but money isn't on my side right now because im getting ready to go to the beach soon so i can't buy too many. Plus, as soon as I got them, my bf would steal the new ones and try to release them. He's already attempted to do it twice.
  6. Haha, me too and the email is sent as well. I have no idea if I did the correct research, but I sure do hope so.
  7. Really? Hrmmm, how many posts can we have?
  8. Haha, I don't have enough coins yet to really start displaying them, but this is where I keep them so I know where they all are at one time. It is an envelope that I received from WriteShopRobert with my raffle tickets.
  9. Wow, this coin looks cool. I dont have any mysteriecoins, but I would sure love one. My life is full of future mysteries.
  10. Wow, looks adorable. I will surely making my mom purchase one of these, she takes her dog all the time. Me, not so much.
  11. haha, this is a picture of my FAVORITE cache! I wish I didnt miss the coinetest, but I thought I would share anyways.
  12. Thanks, I appreciate the low prices and great coins! Can I have one of the Geolicious Sour DNF-Black Nickel (LE) please, and one of the Baseball or Geocaching-Nickel? You can send an invoice to me through my geocaching profile.
  13. I live in Rock Hill, SC and I want to meet some of the local cachers. Is there anyone from this area who could help me out with this? I don't think it would need to be too big since it's a small town, I just want to have something close to home!
  14. I love this! I'd be sure to buy one, or maybe a couple because cancer is a common nuisance in my family and my other geocaching relatives would like one as well.
  15. <personal attack removed by moderator> No namecalling is required, how RUDE. People like you ruin some of the best things. Wow Sounds like a little immaturity there huh? I have to agree with AG, I very rarely post anymore, and the cointests wear me out. And, like, when I was a kid, like me and my sisters were playing, like by the road, and we got like hit by a car and they like got smunched, and like, people like you really, like RUIN my day by like bringing it up, so please don't kaythanks Wow, except that like, I dont like, say like, "like", every like, 2 minutes. For those who say "buy the premium," well okay, it is bought. And if you want to be immature by teasing, i hope i ruined your day.
  16. <personal attack removed by moderator> No namecalling is required, how RUDE. People like you ruin some of the best things.
  17. woohoo! i won a coin! it was a good essaqy bigD, thanks for your opinion!
  18. I hope you're kidding because this is ridiculous. I dont mind them being put in a separate folder, but you want to ban them? That's half of the fun of geocoin forums! Can't there just be a lack of controversy somewhere in this world, geeze! I'm already tired of this, and I just began collecting. Maybe it's not worth it, I guess we will be seeing as time goes on!
  19. Does that once coin say "fluteface"? That's soooo cool! I used to play flute, and I still do occasionally! Are those yours, because I would love to buy one from you!
  20. Tschakko is German and has found more than 300 caches in just over 13 months. I frequently see the name in the forums, and I know that Tschakko has a passion for collecting coins, and have no problem passing the addiction to me!
  21. Are you serious? Wow, that went out of hand. Pfft!
  22. It's in the coins forums because it is a COIN-TEST! Duhr! We all need a little relaxation, why not a laugh while trying to win an amazing coin? I understand some people have nothing better to do than continuously post and feel these forums are their only outlet for joy But some of us actually come in here to buy and trade geocoins, what a novel thought. I don't use these forums for relaxation, that's what the off topic forums are for. I don't mind coin tests with relevance to geocoins, but if we continue to have such off topic threads the coin tests will probably be banned and locked. Let me repeat, it is NOT off-topic. does the word cointest confuse you? I mean really, Just skip the first few posts about them and look to buy and sell, if this is not what you are interested in, but for some of us, we enjoy it, so let us be.
  23. It's in the coins forums because it is a COIN-TEST! Duhr! We all need a little relaxation, why not a laugh while trying to win an amazing coin?
  24. Pookie, my old Albino Skunk with red eyes! Remember, they are nocturnal! Thanks geo.error for the cointest!
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