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  1. Well, I used to have a Magellan Sport Trak Map that worked adequately for me. All my friends with Garmins seemed to get and keep satelites while I was praying to the GPS gods to please at least figure out what state I was in. I say I used to have the Magellan because it fell off my pack while I was hiking and now it is gone. No really... It did fall off... I even had prior wife approval to purchase a new unit anyway without losing the old one... Anyway, I decided on the Garmin 60C. I cannot say I have done side by side tests but I've taken the 60C into areas my SportTrak never could keep a lock and the Garmin just kept humming along. I've found some good Garmin 60C advide in DejaNews (http://www.dejanews.com). Just search on Garmin 60C. There is a guy there who has posted his side by side comparisons of his SportTrack Pro and his Garmin 60C. I do like my new 60C (especially the feature that allows me to put my name and phone number on the start up screen).
  2. I have found a lot of good deals at http://www.imsplus.com they ship fast, they answer their phone when called and their shipping is reasonable (especially if you but a bunch of stuff). I had 4 ammo cans and a bunch of other stuff shipped for $7 (ish).
  3. I think I registered as a premium member back in May of 2004 and I've never seen any red checks either. I was looking for someone to complain to (or ask what was going on) when the Geocaching.com 'Contact Us' page led me here... To this topic... about not seeing any red checkmarks. It would be nice to know which caches I've found and which I haven't. I guess I am at least #4 then (unless I lost count). -The Gutt Clan
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