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  1. Congratulation and very well done Onwards and upwards
  2. Very well done I have to come back to finish some of yours Onwards and Upwards
  3. Keep clear of TomTom is my recommendation. I paid them £50+ for the safety camera and it wont work If you phone, the line goes dead as they say they are busy! Emails are never answered! Letters I wrote (four) are ignored. And what’s more it’s not very good ph34r:
  4. Just spoken to Terry and he told me he reached his 700 today Congratulations and well done Onwards and Upwards!
  5. Well done Paul and Co!!! Onwards and upwards There enough caches in Devon these days to keep us all going
  6. I am delighted for you as it was you who introduced me to this time wasting hobby where I drive miles for a plastic box or do silly things to sign one of your log books. MY CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH Onwards and upwards
  7. Brilliant A great achievement Stuey Onwards and upwards
  8. Well done Gary and Jane By the way thanks also for some super caches Onwards and upwards
  9. Congratulations on reaching your 200 Weary Banker & Bookworm Onwards and upwards!
  10. Very well done and congratulations on your 700
  11. What makes some one take a film canister containing a plastic strip with a few figures written on it from under a stone? My micro near a beautiful Devon river weir is missing when I came to check it today. Words fail to describe my feelings!!!!!!
  12. I was there and my congrats to the four of them What they didn't say was that they were unground for nearly an hour!!! What it is to be young
  13. Congratulations.................a super achievement and well done on your 500
  14. Thanks for that and I added a column..........but.......is there anyway the coords will recoginze the N & W to automatically give me a post code for each cache................or am I asking too much!!!!!! Thanks
  15. I am trying out this system and I like my first impressions of it. However, can I add a post code to each cache to enable me to use it in connection with my TomTom? Thanks
  16. Congrats to you all What super photos Onwards and upwards
  17. Sorry to hear the news, I suffered a similar break in near Salisbury and it taught me a lesson! When I go caching I leave nothing of value in the car and one glance in the car shows its empty.
  18. Very well done Congratulation on your 300
  19. A great achievement Pete – very well done! What’s more you’re a great cache setter
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