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  1. 1 Well done Terry – I am so pleased for you! Champers and smoked salmon to celebrate was much enjoyed?????? Thanks for letting me share your achievement. Onwards and upwards 1
  2. Very well done and congratulations on your 800 Thanks for some super caches as well
  3. Congratulations. It doesn’t seem that long ago we found Skates cache that started us on this journey?
  4. We cached in the Ronda area of Spain and what we found was there was a lot of walking to the caches, some of the paths were not to clearly defined. A 3-4 miles walk was common, but again it took you to places and views you would have never seen. I am sure you will enjoy the new experience!!
  5. I am not so concerned about bags but what does upset me is cachers who fail to rehide caches properly. Many time when I approach a location I can see the cache, it hasn’t, be put back in its proper hidey-hole? It only takes a few minutes? No wonder they get muggled?
  6. Sorry I missed yesterday Didn't John and Di put out a super series Hope to meet you soon
  7. Congratulations I shall always appreciate the fact that you introduced me to caching I would not have driven miles and miles but on the otherhand I have seen wonderful places I never knew exisited
  8. CONGRATULATIONS>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You will have to hurry to catch me up? I do hope you had a super day!!!
  10. Congratulations to calibre on passing his 500 Half way there!!!! Onwards and upwards
  11. Very well done Pete A 1000 is a great achievement. I have enjoyed your great caches also
  12. Is there some one who can help me please? When I try to transfer the waypoint from MM to my Garmin GPS I have the following message: - Unknown Garmin Timeout sending packet 10 Timeout sending packet 254 I spent 20 minutes with a guy at MM, very helpful but couldn’t solve the problem. Then spent 40 minutes with a chap at Garmin, with the same result! We changed every setting in MM, the GPS and the back of the computer but still it wont transfer. Has anyone had this problem and been able to sort it out? I would be most grateful for any help.
  13. OK Stuey, I'll own up, I was 70 yesterday!!! I really enjoy caching and appreciate the fact that skate introduced me to it in December 2003. I have been to places I would have never visited if it hadn't been for caching. Enjoy it while you can?
  14. I had better get a move on. Your catching me up!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  15. I am in with a chance? I have found 1.6393442% of your caches! I’m on the case right now……well….fairly soon!
  16. I bought a Navman PiN some while ago and its fine. I have been talking to the company and they say that a brand new model is coming out in March. So I am waiting!! I share the view that a phone should be seperate!
  17. I agree with Paul, I can’t see why he couldn’t have done Amadeus yesterday especially in that gear. He might have to taken his sword off though!!!!! Have a great life together and wish you lots of baby caches Congratulations
  18. Well done to the Clan. Congrats and keep up the good work Onwards and Upwards
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