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  1. Congratulations on reaching your 1000 Very well done to Terry aka calibri
  2. I feel tired just reading about it Very well done
  3. Congratulations to you both. Jill and I are so happy for you. You have always been a special friend as you introduced us to Geocaching.
  4. Our thoughts are with him and all his family Woodbury Walker and TA
  5. Well done Mike - I cogratulate you It beats falling off bridges any day
  6. Congratulations on finding your 400th cache today whilst completing my new Tiverton Canal series. Onwards and upwards!!!
  7. Sunday morning, 7.45am – Lyme Regis! The only car in the car park. A 10-minute walk to find a Stuey's micro. Came back and had an £18 parking ticket. It had a happy ending though; Stuey gave me a £1. towards the fine as he had retrieved the coin from a FTF. When caching I take more care where I park now?
  8. I am so pleased for you, congratulations from us both. Isn't Wildcat fun!!!!!
  9. But he has also learnt to put out some very difficult caches!!!!!!!!
  10. Congratulations to Terry on passing his 1100th cache. Onwards and upwards!
  11. Icarus places some very difficult caches around the Yeovil area and always has a checker on his site so you can confirm that you have the right coords before attempting a find. It’s very satisfying when it comes up ‘YES’
  12. CONGRATULATION TO STUEY When will you slow up
  13. CONGRATULATIONS TO MARTYN AND TAMMY I am so pleased for the Clan
  14. It was a brilliant day and we owe the Girls a huge THANK YOU for such a super time. Come again soon
  15. Cor…….wow…………What an achievement! C O N G R A T UL A T I O N S
  16. We are so pleased for you C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S
  17. We are both pleased for you Keith Very well done
  18. We would like you to thank you for all your support. As a valuable member of the Geocaching team you have helped to make it all happen. I and TA have always appreciated your support!
  19. May we add our congratulations. We are so happy for you
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