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  1. May I add my thanks for all you have done? Many are prepared to sit back and be critical whilst the few are prepared to take on the difficult duties. I have always appreciated your help and useful and helpful comments. Thanks
  2. Congratulations to you both and our special thanks. You know why?
  3. Surely, Geocaching is going out and having fun by finding an assortment of containers hidden in a variety of places, often where you have never been before! With more than 28000 caches in the UK on my ‘to do’ list I think that is my main target!
  4. . ............and the 2 series along the Tiverton Canal!
  5. It seems to have come back!!!!!!!
  6. We have just enjoyed a weeks caching on Jersey and had some interesting ones during our stay, there are over 100! There are no OS maps for the Island and the Tom-Tom does not work either. Talking to the car breakdown chap - when we had some mechanical problems he said the only satnav that worked on the CI is a Garmin. If you were planning a visit, I thought fellow cachers might find it helpful to know this fact.
  7. Well done Andy and Kim We both send our congrats!!!!
  8. Well done.............we are pleased for you? ..............and only 500 were FTF!
  9. Very well done Paul & Michelle, we hope it won't be long to your next milestone! PS Please no more river caches!!!!!!
  10. Alan and Rena Congratulations and very well done Keep on Going!!!!
  11. Well done and our congratulations. Its always nice to hear from you
  12. What great news! Now its time for a Fosters to celebrate
  13. Well done my Friend. Few can say they have reached that total. Very well done
  14. We had a round trip of 135 miles to Bath to do Race the Clock, one of Wombles 5/5. We had a super time together. That was how Weary Banker, Bookworm, Woodbury Walker and TA spent their Christmas day. The usual 5/5 Champagne picnic followed signing the log.
  15. Yes and I don't know where it is! Merry Christmas
  16. Thanks. Sorted now! I appreciated your help? Happy Christmas to Geocachers everywhere
  17. In what way are your Google maps not appearing correctly. The look identical here. Gotta love Firefox, smaller, more secure, customisable and more web standards compliant. It show the same Google map for every cache!
  18. I have been using Firefox in conjunction with OE and there seems to be very little difference except that the Google maps are not shown correctly on Firefox! Can some tell me why? What settings I have wrong please?
  19. I am so pleased for you, congratulations However, I have a problem finding them using a 60CSX Once your hooked you'll never give it up
  20. We are so pleased for you all, our congratulations and our best wishes
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