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  1. The problem I have is that my Mio wont sync with Windows 7 so its still in my not being used cupboard. I like the Mio for pinpointing a route for a cache in the woods!.
  2. Thanks, you learn something new every day. A very helpful link!
  3. I have just discovered a cacher logging my caches using a date before they were published! :anitongue: :anitongue:
  4. After a year with us caching my 12 year old Grandson Brendan has joined Geocaching as as Appkid and is now caching in his own rights I feel sure he would be thrilled to receive a few messages of encouragement and if you have time could you please write him a brief welcoming email. I know he would be pleased Thanks
  5. This is the second year we have been unable to cache. The snow in East Devon is still deep. We were going to finish a series in Dorset today. Nice things always keep!
  6. Thanks I did as suggested and have it back but its still marked as missing!!"!!
  7. One of my TBs has just reappeared. One of the USA reviewers marked it as missing, how do I reactivative it?
  8. We both thought this was a great Mega Event, the whole programme was excellent and so well organised. Perth was a perfect setting. Carol and the whole Mega Team deserve all our thanks and congratulations
  9. I do these poor quality caches because they are there! My comments are ‘TFTC’ which I hope shows my views on them?
  10. I recently had a problem with my Colorado 400t, sent it back and 4 days later a new GPS arrived. I have never had a problem with Garmin service. They are helpful on the telephone as well. Thank you to all the staff!
  11. Great, we love these kind of caching days and we have already done 2 or 3, now we have a tick list. A big thank you for sorting it out for so many of us.
  12. We love walks to nice country caches, whether traditional or multi’s, we even don’t mind a few in city centres but what we dislike is lay-by caches amongst all the rubbish. Our vote on balance is for a 6 month ban
  13. It's the first year we haven't been caching on Christmas Day. The ice on the roads around here has been bad. Hoping for a few days starting on Sunday. Happy Christmas and lots of caching in 2010, arent we lucky to have such a great hobby.
  14. Not many have reached 4000 caches! Terry did today, congratulations from all your fellow cachers in East Devon
  15. Can you help me please? My travel bug Torus the Bull was retrieved by ‘gypsy rider’ from Hefty Cache in Harris County in Georgia on the 25 January 2009 He never logged his find and has kept Torus. I have repeatedly tried to email him asking about Torus’s welfare with no response. Does anyone know this cacher please?
  16. Can I warn about Vista Print, they took over £40 from my account before I could stop them! They take it on the pretext of Club Prem account, this is to give you a special service but you get NOTHING! I shall never deal with them again
  17. Would this make Geocaching an Olympic sport?
  18. I have been on to them today and received excellent service! Like some caches - highly recommended!
  19. Thank you for your help..............it worked!
  20. Can anyone help me please with a problem with my Mio 550? When I am trying to run my caches in Cachemate I have the following errors. XML parse error at line 56c unclosed token and XML parse error at line 622 no element found Can you help me solve it please?
  21. We were enjoying a caching holiday in Northumberland and had parked up to walk to GC1PB6J. As we approached a guy wearing a film crew T shirt asked us if we minded waiting as they were filming a nude scene on the beach, he offered us tea and coffee whilst we waited. We didn't mind! However, we did have a little problem later on getting to the cache, as my log says? Have you ever had a bizarre happening whilst caching?
  22. I am always grateful to Skate for introducing us to Geocaching and for helping us to set our first cache. Cachemad was arriving at our first find which we discovered by good luck more than anything else as we didn't have the GPS set up correctly. Keith soon sorted it out as he has with subsequent IT problems!!!! Since December 2003 we haven’t had to walk aimlessly but with a purpose?
  23. I do lay by caches because they are there, and then generally write the briefest of logs. For a ‘proper’ cache or a nice series I show my appreciation. Having completed most of the Elgar series recently my log said they were brilliant and I had appreciated the time and energy they had put into the series.
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