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  1. Anyone know how to do this with a MacIntosh computer? thanks. If your computer has a serial interface then you need the serial cable. If it does not have a serial interface then you need the usb to serial converter to plug the serial cable into. Garmin lists a couple variants, some almost as expensive as the unit itself. You might try ebay or froogle for a better deal. You don't need to be a premium member, the download to gps works for all members and from the search page you can download 20 at a time to a program like EasyGPS to load your etrex. This is not known as paperless caching. With paperless caching you down load everything on the cache page and, yes, to do this it does take a premium membership.
  2. Same Africa issue on iPad after updating. Hope it will be resolved soon.
  3. This is another of the annoyances with this Updated Version.... my "Destination" according to the Map Distance (Search-->Map and/or Compass) show 5,000+ miles. The Destination Coordinates are ALL ZEROS (Atlantic Ocean, SW of Africa). Here's a ScreenShot: It's still slow, it's still buggy... and no, i dont have an iPhone 4. It was working fine before i did the 4.2 App Upgrade. And i -DID- completely UNINSTALL the App from my phone, and re-download the app again, and re-install it. I'm stymied.... and my 4.1.3 version is long gone.... thanks.
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