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  1. Thanks for the heads up on these containers, I have been to our local Tesco and picked up a couple of the screw top sets...

    They cover well in black gaffer tape so they are not so see through and easier to hide.

    Planning on making a few traditional caches and a multi with mine.


    Thanks again

  2. Blacks in York have them in but Millets don't and say that they are not getting any.


    Be careful at Blacks though as when I rung up they said we could have one per person and when we got there they said we could only have one per family. ;)


    In the end we managed to get a Stonehenge and a Clifton Suspension Bridge. :D


    Also Blacks and Millets in Harrogate are saying they don't have them in either and don't know if they are getting them. :cry:


    Amber Alert

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