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  1. No one is forcing you to geocache. If it doesn't give you pleasure, why are you doing it?
  2. They call me Dr. DNF. I log them all. About twice a year I go through the listing and re-live the fun I had looking for DNFs.
  3. You did say 'Frustrations!' didn't you? Mine is co-first-to-finds. First means first. How can there be more than one first? Thank you! I feel better now.
  4. No! Challenges are NOT geocaches! Is this bringing back virtuals?
  5. My caching friend is The Count Spikerton von Sweinigus of fame and legend. He is an avid geocacher in spite of his diplomatic duties. He is a proud recipient of The Golden Fire Plug Award and has amassed more than 1500 caches. His main caching buddies are OnD’Hunt, “The Bearclaws”, Cheech Gang, Mighty Mo, KCBoom, Coty-02, The Vicar of Vernon and Barnacle Bear. He has been present at many a geocaching milestone in North West Ohio and South East Michigan. While he is a chick magnet, more often he is a burr magnet. Some claim to have seen him levitate over difficult terrain but I have not. He has a hardy laugh especially when caching alone with Barnacle Bear. He easily finds caches but has the most despicable habit of saying nothing and then erupting into spasms of laughter as people search. He is a great friend in spite of his eccentricities and has never lost a cachmobile. You can check out some of the caches that mention him, GC12RBX, GCZQ3M, GDZNV4, GCT5PH, GCQJTH and GCPGE1. I am sorry that I do not know how to upload his picture or direct you to them.
  6. Yes, public safety and our overall impact on the environment will force the issue. And don't forget the children. A child could be turned to the dark side by a DNF.
  7. Light Pole Caches are a danger to geocaching for a variety of reasons. 1. The great majority are on privately owned property. Admit it. If you owned a business property would you allow a group of people to pursue a suspicious activity on your land. I doubt it. 2. Yes, a suspicious activity. Loitering in a parking lot and lifting lamp post covers is suspicious. Too many it smacks of drug use. Would you feel comfortable doing it if a cop was parked nearby? I doubt it. 3. It gives the suspicion of possible danger to those who work and shop inside. Who is that out in the parking lot? What is he doing out by my car? What is he putting under that lamp post? Will I be safe out there? Is the answer to any of these questions positive, except to a geocacher. 4. This type of geocaching brings undue police attention to our hobby. The number of LEO/cacher encounters is on the rise in Northwest Ohio. So far no one has been detained. However, all of those officers are required to keep a log of their activities. Sooner or later our activities will be noticed on the municipal, state and/or national level. The number of daily FBI complaints about geocaching exceeds 19. 5. Once we are noticed by the lowest level of government what will happen? Do you really think that ‘they’ will have a reasoned response? Do you think ‘they’ will convene a committee to study the issue? Or, will ‘they’ have more important matters to consider, like the safety of the shopping (tax paying) public. Who do you think ‘they’ will choose? 6. So far we have been operating under the radar. Since there is nothing to fear from us we think that we do not need to be concerned with our actions. In that we are wrong. We cannot put ourselves in the position of having to justify our actions. When that happens we will be looking for a ‘Yes’ when it will be easier for those in power to say ‘No!’ 7. It will be better if we address the issue than if ‘they’ do. Do not encourage them.
  8. O Great Powers that be, hear my plea! Protect me from things that might upset me, like the dreaded cemetery cache. Let nothing stand between me and my smiley. Smooth the hills, dam the waters, and dadgum (???) any other obstacles. Let nothing stand between me and my smiley. Forget not our mentally challenged brethren. Do not make me think too hard. Make every cacher equal. Let nothing stand between me and my smiley. Let not the hiders be too devious or too clever. Alloweth not that which might challenge me in any way. Make all geocaches doable by all. Let nothing stand between me and my smiley. Alloweth none to be branded with dadgumnation. Let there be no controversy lest feelings be hurt. Remember that political correctness balms all. Amen. Numbers: First
  9. The best place to geocache in Ohio is Lucas County, although there are two good ones in Wood County. Good Hunting! bb
  10. If you found every geocache would you still be caching? Could it be that you like the thrill of the hunt? Can you possibly have fun on a DNF? What do you care, if you have fun? bb The Dr. DNF of NWOgeo.
  11. In NWOgeo I am known as Dr. DNF. I wasn't very good when I started and am not much better now. If there is one thing at which I am successful it is recording DNFs. I have no altruistic intentions. I record DNFs because my memory stinks. Geocaching.com is kind enough to save them for me. So, I can go back and relive the good times I've had, even though I wasn't 'successful'. I do this several times per year. The Woman, The Count and I have had some real disasters. Amazingly, in all but two cases I (we've) had great fun, fun worth revisiting. DNFs are what you make of them. I choose to look at them as "Did Not Fail!" Some of my best memories were because of DNFs. Good Hunting! bb
  12. Noni Noni Poo Poo has been found and should be on his quest soonest. Thank you all for you kind assistance! Good Hunting! bb
  13. Greeting Cachers to the North! Does anyone know Treasurebikers? He lives in St. John, New Brunswick and only has five finds. Last January he picked up my travel bug, Noni Noni Poo Poo. He does not appear to have been geocaching since then. I would like to get Noni Noni Poo Poo back in circulation. He has logged about 31,500 Km and has visited our troops in the Middle East. I admit that it is goofy but my wife likes to follow his travels. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I would gladly spend the cost of sending him home. His current goal is to visit The Count Spikerton von Sweinigus at N 41° 40.511 W 083° 38.009. Thank you for your kind consideration! Good Hunting! Bob 1/3 of Barnacle Bear.
  14. Mostly I'm just opinionated. If it was listed in NW Ohio / SE Michigan I had to find it. Finally I wearied of guardrails and skirt-lifters. Then I discovered the Ignore List. Micros in parking lots or on guardrails go on the list. There is no way to discourage micro spew accept to ignore it. It's interesting that there is a core of cachers, both new and old, who still enjoy regular caches. Mostly I'm just opinionated.
  15. .019 miles but it is a sad and sordid tale.
  16. My greatest fear in geocahing is/are Cheech Gang, KCBoom and Hyndckr, in that order.
  17. Here's one in the Toledo, Ohio area, the oldest in Ohio. GC2DBE Nothing all that exciting but a nice place to visit. Truly and oldie but a goodie.
  18. This tale has all the ingredients of a tragedy. It’s a story of a loving family who hung tightly together through adversity heaped upon adversity. It’s the chronicle of a woman of determined spirit, truly a miracle amongst us. And now she courageously faces her most serious challenge. It all started at Sears on Sunday, June 3, 2005. Her husband told her that they were going to get a new battery for the van. Instead he starts stumbling around the back parking lot muttering, “It must be around here somewhere?” And Mardean (A first cousin of Baby Girl Biohazard?) sprung into existence. Could our courageous heroine overcome yet another obstacle? Exposure to this pernicious compulsion seems not to have affected her a bit. In spite of being abandoned by her family for long periods of time she is thriving. Instead of wilting at home she has joined the addicted in her family and become the indomitable Mrs. Moops, Queen of the Waypoints, Mistress of The Moopmobile. What innocently started at ‘KEN u be MORE of a DIEHARD cacher?’ – GCHVBN. (God knows she’s been to innumerable parking lots since then.) has changed all of our lives for the better. Thanks, Miss Jennifer!
  19. Mutant Pomeranians are the best geodogs. They're built relatively low to the ground, have great noses and can almost always find the car. One drawback is that these dogs are extreme burr magnets. On top of that they seem to prefer Corona. Count Spikerton von Sweinigus is well known in NWOGEO circles. A typical MuPom can be seen at Cheech's BackSide.
  20. Hoot, Holler, Yell & Scream! At Bill & Kelsey down under. September 14 by Barnacle Bear (280 found) This was like a gathering of the herds in Kansas City at the end of the Spring drive. It’s a good thing that there was a little rain today or the trail dust would have been thicker than coal smoke. I jump the tracks just in time to find The Moops closing in with MaudMan in hot pursuit. When I think things couldn’t get worse, Cachemeister$ and crew, of Wet 'N Wild fame, charge in. I’ve never seen anything like it in my long and varied caching career. Nine people were butting heads in a small circle when one of the Cachemeister$ crew grabs his FFTF. (Shouldn’t he have been home studying, or something?) The only thing that might have made this better is if the SBT dropped in.
  21. Having one foot in the grave and the other on a geobanana, I thought I might offer a couple of words about hide selection. As hiders, I believe we have a responsibility to the caching community. There is any number of places where a cache could be hidden. There are far fewer places where a cache should be hidden. I ask that you give careful consideration to those who will be looking for your geocache. Difficulty is not a factor. However, location is critical. If you would not like to take your wife, mother, girlfriend, or, daughter to a location please place your geocache somewhere else. Perhaps, being a duffer and all, I am over sensitive. However, I no longer will ask Miss Madonna to go to places that appear to be dump sites, vermin infested or latrines, all of which we have recently encountered. Thank you for your kind consideration. Bob 1/3 of Barnacle Bear
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