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    I still like CB when out traveling. There are lots of truckers who stay on 19 and they are a good source of traffic info or for directions. I use a HF/VHF/UHF radio in the mobile so Yes, I know it isn't quite legal to use my ham rig for CB, but it is probably more legal than most CB'ers running 100w+. VHF is probably the most logical for local comm., good range from a portable without a huge antenna. In the US we have a group of Frequencies assigned as Multi-Use that require no license. "Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) MURS is a private, two-way short-distance voice or data radio communications service used for personal or business activities. The service operates on five Very High Frequency (VHF) channels, originally set aside for business use, but subsequently made available for personal use. MURS users must cooperate in using the five channels to reduce interference to other users. No user has priority over any other user, but all users must yield to emergency communications. A MURS station may not operate as a repeater station, including store-and-forward packet radio operation, or a signal booster. Maximum allowable transmitter output power for a MURS unit is two watts. Transmission range between two hand-held units varies depending on the unit’s antenna height, terrain, and weather."-from www.fcc.gov Here is the list of frequencies available: 151.820 151.880 151.940 154.570 154.600 For more detailed info go to the FCC page on MURS. The helpful part is no license is required, but the power is limited so it will be relatively short range, yet farther than FRS.
  2. Are we debating in Congress or what? Some of the posts on here sound like a local guy who MONITORS a particular freq. When myself and another ham QSY'd onto the freq. he was MONITORING, asked if it was in use and got no response, he promptly interrupted us and told us that we were on the blah blah blah freq. and needed to QSY. I promptly apologized for interrupting his MONITORING and told him we would leave when our traffic was passed. It doesn't matter what freq. we use, I would just like to know one that when I toss my call out, I will be more likely to encounter a geocacher. I listen to HF, VHF, and UHF while mobile. I think it would be nice to have three freq. that could be put in memories to scan. I know I will hear other hams using those freq's at some time and I know those hams expect to hear other hams on them as well. I bet that is the necessity that brought about the invention of VFO's. If someone wants a private freq., the FCC can issue you one for the proper fee. With the ARRL bulletins on 147.555, I don't feel it is a good choice. Anyone close to Newington, CT will have major issues. Perhaps calling CQ GC?
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    Radio Net

    I know how that goes. I tried getting a local ham group together. We did good for a bit, but slowly died out until we just stopped meeting. The 2m is OK for local stuff, but I was thinking HF-20m or 40m, something to cover a little more area when traveling. The 2m will cover some of the skip zone before 20 or 40 would be usefull. I am currently in the middle of putting a business together at my home, so I don't have any gear running there. I did move the 706MKIIG to the truck. That is what made me ask if there was an established frequency. I have played with Echolink, it is OK, but doesn't seem like radioing to me. Still cool though. I'll bet some of the APRS guys love this geocaching.
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    Radio Net

    So, we have established that some geocachers are hams and some hams are geocachers. Now, can we establish a frequency and time and try to get a net up and running, or at least a frequency we could all keep an ear out for other cachers? I am thinking a less than formal net, just a place to park the dial and chat while driving between cashes or when it is too cold, rainy, hot, or nasty to be out geocaching. If you know of any groups on the air, please post a frequency. David, W9DSC
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