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  1. Thanks for suggestions. I had, of course, been checking my spam filter but hadn't thought of checking what my provider was up to. Having done that I have found hundreds of geocaching.com emails blocked by them. I have tried whitelisting but they have rejected my attempts automatically. I plan to have words with them!
  2. In mid March I stopped receiving messages from HQ about new logs on my caches and also those indicating when a PQ is available etc. I thought it must be Covid19 related but it appears that it is only happening to me. I receive emails on 3 different devices so I don't think the problem is at my end. I also get the emails about new caches published. Any advice for solving this?
  3. Not sure where the count of the times I logged my own caches comes from but the only ones I have knowingly logged are caches I have adopted or Event caches I have organised. If someone can point to any others I will gladly delete the logs.
  4. Once again, nothing is stopping anyone from continuing to find these things. The only difference is you wouldn't get your +1 anymore. The "special feature" you talk about is the problem. Anyone claiming it would spoil caching not to have it is being a bit disingenuous. Essentially all they are really saying is they are only searching them out for the numbers. Northumbria biker found that cache 307 times!! Even found his own caches 11 times. Also double found 4 times on other caches. Hes serious in bumping up his numbers. Hes upset that GS is putting a stop to his number bumping.
  5. I have read through all the comments and I cannot add much except to say that I absolutely love YOSMs, they have been an important part of my caching life for several years and the caching world will be a worse place without them. To end the special features of YOSMs and other similar caches just to tidy up inadvertant (or deliberate) double logging is to throw the baby out with the bath water. Surely the few of this type still in existence can be given an exemption from the new rules.
  6. The "Other Conversions" link under the Coords include a UK Grid Reference conversion showing two blocks of 5 numbers. But these are meaningless without the two letter prefix which denotes the appropriate 100 km square. The only way I can now get a Grid Ref is to use a different app to do the conversion.
  7. Thanks for some helpful comments all. I think what makes the older ones both important and interesting is that finders tended to write much longer comments than is the case now so it's not just that these are records from the early days of caching but they also provide snapshots of what caching was like back then. I remember one comment to the effect that the cache, which was 70 miles from the cacher's home, was once his nearest! I am happy to leave my 2001 log in its cache. It has lasted 12 years so no reason to think it will disappear now. But I am more concerned with the 2000 Scotland's First log book which is now in the hands of one of the finders and he plans to keep it for at least another year. I will try to track down the CO to determine its future.
  8. A few months ago a cacher removed the log from Scotland’s First cache because it was very wet. This was the original log placed in December 2000 and is therefore of considerable historic interest to cachers. The log written by the remover said – “As expected the log was soaking so I added a new log. At this point I took the decision to remove the original log to bring back down with me to try and dry it out and preserve it. If the cache owner would like it then I'll happily post it to them alternatively anyone who is heading up there in the future and would be happy to place it back in the cache (obviously it will be bone dry and wrapped well) is welcome to do so.” As I planned to visit this cache I offered to take the log back and replace it in the cache but in response I was told “I've had a request to send it to a mega event next year. But will get details of exactly what they want to do with the log. Otherwise I have a contact who is going to take it up.” He adds that the “The CO isn't around anymore”, though I have not been able to confirm this. This raises for me the whole question of what should happen to log books which are important historically. I have a particular interest because I adopted a cache placed in July 2001 which still contains the orginal log. Clearly the owner is the one who ought to decide but if they are no longer around, what then? And what should the CO do - leave it for finders to read or remove it for posterity, and in the later case where should it reside?
  9. Just to offer my heartfelt thanks to jri for both developing and now fixing this wonderful facility. I had come to rely heavily on it when planning caching trips and when it stopped working a couple of weeks ago I was desolate. I have now followed the link and GME is working again. I hold my breath every time I click on OS, fearing it will have gone again. Keep up the good work, you are very much appreciated.
  10. I've updated the test version at the link above. The config menu still doesn't work, but it looks better than last night's effort! Unfortunately I've not got much time for programming at the moment, so I'm concentrating on fixing the script rather than replying to the messages here. It's great to see all the votes of thanks for the though, and the effort people are putting it in to helping each other get it working. We'll make programmers of you yet! However, now that I've got a partially working version, if you can't wait for a full update, my advice is not to edit the script yourself, but to install the latest temporary script from the link above. You should follow the installation instructions at http://geo.inge.org.uk/gme.htm but use the link above instead of the install button on the userscripts.org page.
  11. many thanks for the advice. I have it cracked now.
  12. I'm only just learning how to use the Geocaching website and I have worked out how to do everything I want to do except one thing. How do I upload an image to attach to the webpage of a trackable which I have found in a cache. The owner asked for photos to go on the trackable page but I just can't work how to do it.
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