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  1. I have the same unit as Criminal. These things are great. I've been caching in cold weather, and haven't had any problem with longetivity. I actually think they are performing better than alkalines. Not to mention it's only 15 minutes to recharge, in the car! I've had my Legend on continously for several days before I need to swap them out.

  2. Wow, sorry to hear about the root canal. ;) Oral surgery sucks. Just had my wisdom teeth pulled not too long ago, and got dry socket. Not Fun. Anyway, I ordered a black fatboy from your website on Friday night. I actually sent an email the other day to an email address that is listed in the paypal receipt for your website. Not sure if that goes to you or not. I'll email you with my personal info if that helps. Thanks Much!

  3. Well, is the other person still caching? If not, and if you still have access to the other account, you could just change the user name and all the info would stick with it. I doubt that you can transfer info from acct. to acct.

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