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  1. Would that be spicy hot or temperature hot?
  2. I agree that McToys still in the package are fine. Can't say I've come across one, though. They're always dirty, broken, and look like the family dog chewed on it, choked, and horfed it into the cache... There is one cache that I REALLY want to be FTF for. It's a full days hike to get to it, and it's been sitting there for over a year. But no one has gone after it yet, IMO mainly because the items listed in the cache are McToys and other worthless garbage. And yes, I do get enjoyment out of the hunt, but for a cache like this I might place something worthwhile for the cachers as a reward for such a trek.
  3. I had a dead tree fall on me while caching. It was a mature tree over a foot across, and was broken at the base from strong winds, leaning just slightly. It fell over while I was hanging on to one of the branches to catch myself from falling. It hit my shoulder and pinned me to the ground. Luckily it was mostly hollow so it wasn't nearly as heavy as it could have been. I grabbed a branch and used it as a lever so I could crawl out. Lots of cuts and scrapes, not to mention I may need surgery for my rotator cuff. Didn't stop me from getting the cache!
  4. I give it three tries before I call in "reinforcements". If I can't find it after three, then three better be able to find it in one.(if that makes sense.) Of course, I've never had to do this...
  5. Well, let's see.....First, I have ferrets. They are naturally curious animals. The term "ferret" means to search things out, AND to hide things. I use modern equipment to "ferret" out caches. Like a PDA, GPSr, computer, etc. So, I guess I'm a digital ferret, and that equals DigiFerret!
  6. Nuthin' like packin' a few deep fried peanut butter and lard sammiches for the trail, and a thermos full of hot beef gravy to wash it down....mmmmmm
  7. Sorry to take all the fun out of guessing at this supposed acronym, but I think what your asking about is from a recent fad game called "pogs" or more commonly known as "milkcaps". The containers were designed to hold little paper and plastic discs. ...If not, then my guess is Pineapple, Orange, Guava; or Pot of Gold???
  8. I'm with you, Sparky. I've noticed this more and more in my area, which has left me to be a TNLN cacher more often than not.
  9. I generally don't go into the forums at work, but I do check for new caches right away in the morning. My job requires me to be on the road alot, so if there "happens" to be a cache on the way to my next stop, I make that my lunch break. Everyone here takes 3 or 4 lunch breaks, right???
  10. I recently attended my first "official" event cache, which was a bug swap. The only thing anybody actually swapped was numbers from the bugs. I've watched everyone post notes for my bugs, but what's the point if you don't get credit for a note? Why not "virtually" pick it up and drop it back where it was?
  11. Personally, I like to carry a tactical nuke down my pants...keeps me warm in the winter.
  12. Funny...(in a COINcidence kind of way...coin...hoo-boy) I just did some maintenance on one of my caches which is a coin-theme cache. Someone took all of the coins which ranged in value from $.25 to $25.00 (I think there was about 15 in all) and left all PENNIES! What a cheap, inconsiderate a**hole ...I'm suprised he left anything. I feel better telling myself the squirrels got him on the way out.
  13. I work for Ritz Camera (Proex actually, Ritz is our parent company) and it seems strange as to the locations they have picked for waypoints. I was told that there would waypoints in every market that they're located in, but I just checked Minnesota (where I'm located along with 100+ Proex/Ritz locations) and there are no waypoints (yet). The midwest is a very large market for them. I'm in good with the "big boss" here; I'll get the lowdown and see when they plan on updating the waypoints. Too bad I can't enter ........or CAN I?????
  14. I've put 15,000 miles on my WRX in 6 months already...any excuse to drive. I'm also not seein' any photos. So here's my WRX. Whatta YOU got?
  15. Whenever I'm browsing posts, I inevitably come across someone mention their vehicle of choice (jeep, toyota, etc.) and then the next dozen posts are somewhat to the effect of "you have a **** too?" , "****'s rock!", "hey, check out my ****" , and " dude, ****'s rule!" Well, this is for all the Subaru fans out there. Let's hear an amazing story of your Subaru and what makes it your caching vehicle of choice. ...and one more thing. Subaru's RULE!
  16. Personally, I'm more nervous about urban caches than any others. Too many eyes waching you. I had a homeless guy chase after me on an urban cache hunt. (and I'm not trying to sterotype the homeless-this was an isolated incident) Still haven't went back for the cache, though. Group hunts are fun, but sometimes not as rewarding, especially if you have a "lead dog" that tries to race ahead of everyone else. Maybe just a friend along for the walk is all you need. And then you can get them addicted!
  17. For my wife it's a love/hate relationship. She loves it when I take her to parks to look for caches. She's even gone on a few night caching runs with me. But the part she can't stand is me being on the forums ALL THE TIME according to her. Honestly, I don't think 4 hours a day is too much. I read more than I post anyway. She just assumes that if I'm on the computer it has to do something with geocaching and its nag, nag, nag..... "What's that, dear? No, I'm just emailing my grandmother...."
  18. Color?Is this it?maybe.....
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