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  1. What are you talking about? It's 1am, -30 below, and the wife is asleep. Sounds like the perfect time to cache to me...see ya!
  2. Heck, not only is there snow on the ground, but it's almost 1am and -30 degree windchill right now. I be back in a bit and let you know how it goes!
  3. Try one of my caches. Money Laundering Squirrels This is a winter friendly cache. Have fun!
  4. Actually, a digi-print is fine. Ritz is one of the biggest promoters of digital imaging in the country.
  5. I'm planning my next vacation AROUND caching! I have it narrowed down to four states and 93 caches so far. I have 10 days of vacation, so I'm gonna take it easy on this trip...
  6. Why thank you I love Pedro! Are you in MN too? I'm practically in your back yard! Crystal, MN.
  7. I think the idea is to go to the waypoint, take a pic, and then go back to a Ritz to have it printed to enter the contest. BUT, because of contest rules, I think it can be printed anywhere.
  8. Thanks for quote'n me Sparky. I can understand why they did archive Yellow Jeep, but I don't think it's fair to the cachers. Traditional caches may have a way around this by being "reborn" after being archived, but because of the difficulty or unwillingness to allow new locationless or virtuals, I can see these types of caches dissappearing completely in the next few years. I know some cachers don't care for these, but I don't think discarding these caches will help the site at all. I know several handicapped cachers that wouldn't be able to do much caching at all if any if it wasn't for virtuals and locationless. Has anyone thought about that aspect?
  9. Out of all the batteries I tested, the new Rayovac 15 minute rechargables are by far the best. I bought 2 sets and just rotate in fresh ones when the unit gets low. I can go several days on one set. Plus you can get a free car adapter so you can charge them in your vehicle! I'm never without batteries now.
  10. I agree with FSU*Noles. That is quite an accomplishment! That's real dedication for you. I've met Centris, and she is definately the TB Queen! Congrats!
  11. I've become a TNLN about 70 percent of the time. At first, I tried to trade at every cache, but a lot of the caches had nothing but McToys, and everyone knows you can never have enough of those. Most of the time it's just a log, maybe a trade if there is something interesting, and almost always leave something even if I don't take something. I also like to trade coins, I even have a theme cache just for that purpose.
  12. Oh, BTW, love your avatar! Pedro rocks!
  13. Hey NeoAddict, welcome to the madness... I'm just down the road from you in Crystal. MNGCA is having two events in the next couple of weeks. The last Saturday of Feb will be a breakfast get together in Coon Rapids. If you look in the upper right hand corner of "My Cache Page" you can search from your home coordinates OR if you choose "MN" it bring up the most recently hidden caches in MN. There's a couple of events listed, not to mention a few right up near you. Happy caching!
  14. Next one is Feb. 8th. Be prepared to freeze your cache off......
  15. I don't really see how this cache could be considered "negative". As far as site constraints, does that mean all older caches will be eventually pushed off the site to accommodate newer caches? If this happens to one cache, does this mean that any cache listing a large number of finds will be archived for the same reason?
  16. Oh, Mitch, I almost forgot. Can the cell phone holsters be worn horizontally as well as vertically? Also, what size would you recommend for a Samsung S-105? It's a flip phone about 1 3/4" x 3 1/2" closed.
  17. Hmmmmmm......Fatboys, preferred by 9 out of 10 ferrets everywhere! I love mine! It never leaves my side....makes me look kewl I want another pack now, just can't decide on which model. The little belt packs look nifty, maybe thats the way to go......
  18. Ya know, after reading this post, I just realized the last one I received was about three days ago, also set up for daily updating. What's up with that? I'm missing out on all the new caches out there!
  19. Nice! I think that's the next edition to my family......
  20. The only problem I foresee is the battery dying in the PDA. If it doesn't have an expansion slot, you lose all the data on it. Not to mention the ruggedness. I've dropped my garmin over a dozen times, and it just bounces and keeps going!
  21. Congrats! I just recently cracked the century mark myself!
  22. I found a couple, but they were double posts, listed on both sites. I'd never post my caches there. I feel dirty just thinking about it.
  23. So far I could probably go right back to any of the caches I've found without a GPSr. I'll see if this still holds true after a year. Of course, I wandered a cache site for 20 minutes thinking I lost my sunglasses. I did eventually find them. They were still on my face...
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