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  1. I recently submitted a cache about five days ago and have eagerly been waiting for it to be approved. I logged on to my stats page this morning to check a log from a previous cache when I noticed that my stats indicated that I had one more hide. I've been checking my email several times a day waiting for the approval note, but haven't received one. Is this a bug or or are approval emails no longer being sent?
  2. I understand I can LINK to the image, but I would like to know if you can put the image itself as a self updating item on a webpage rather than a link. That way whenever you view my webpage, the curret stats pop up on the page that it's located.
  3. I was out doing an urban micro. I was just walking down the street, GPSr in hand, when I passed by a homeless guy that I've seen in the area before. The micro happened to be in a park on the river that is very popular with the homeless and the river squatters (floating shanties in the water). I stopped to adjust my (GPSr) unit, when he suddenly approached me and started ranting about his rights and how I was oppressing him. For some reason he thought I was pointing my GPSr at him and it set him off. I have no idea what he thought itmy GPSr was, but I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I started to walk away, and that ticked him off too! He actually started to chase me. I wasn't close enough to my car, so I turned around and pulled out my mace and pointed it at him. Apparently this was not the first time this had happened to him, because he abruptly stopped, went silent, and headed back the other direction. I still haven't been back for the cache yet.
  4. Remember, it's only a 6 mile radius. They've been tearing up a main artery highway here, so most of them should probably be archived since they most likely no longer exist.
  5. Must be hard to type with a broadsword...but now I'm off topic. *shhhh* Cheers!
  6. I'll bring treats...just remember to trade up if you take one...
  7. Where did you find the other backgrounds? nice...
  8. Gallant Knight? I didn't know you were a spokesperson for Mitsubishi...
  9. It's all about a bunch of "Suits" sitting around in a stuffy room throwing around "buzz" words and trying to figure out what's "now". Then, a bunch of "Yes" men try to "impliment" a new "promotion" to drive up "sales". Then us "lackeys" have to deal with a "barrage" of "questions" about why it's not going "anywhere". Did I just "incriminate" myself?
  10. 53 unfound caches out of 100 in a 6.4 mile radius...out of those about 40 are disabled caches.
  11. Now, if I want this on my webpage, do I just copy the image and link to it?
  12. Thanks for the info. I was looking at my stats page and was only seeing a 6 digit number. If you type in some bogus number you get Signal the Frogs stats.
  13. I only have five caches myself, and the locations I chose were based on availilbe space. I have a few caches planned for when I return home (in MN now, from SD) in specific locations that have special meaning to me. As far as managability, there is a cacher here in MN that has over 800 caches (he's the #1 cache placer in the world) and somehow he does fine. He did just recently disable a large number of them for the winter, though. He managed to hide about 40 new caches in the past week. I have no idea how he does it. Now that's dedication for you.
  14. Thanks! How did you determine my UID? And is this self-updating?
  15. Total posts x Time spent reading posts + Number of personal posts - Time editing posts / Total users on forums + (Number of bathroom trips x Caffinated Beverages consumed) - Number of times wife nags about taking out trash while in forums + (Sugary snacks / Distance to refrigerator) x what-the-hell-was-I-posting-about-again? = _______
  16. I've seen these listed in some users tag lines. They look like a link button with user stats (found/hidden) on them. How/where do yo find these? I did a forum search but nothing turned up. When I pulled up another users button, the URL looked like a long equation of some kind with text that could be changed. How do I personalize this for myself?
  17. Legend is my battle cry aslo! It is invaluable to have a unit with extra memory for maps and the like. Plus it allows for 1000 saved waypoints. I use mine in conjunction with my Palm for "paperless" caching.
  18. Has anyone purchased the above mentioned cell phone holsters? Need some info.
  19. Suprisingly found 3 out of 4 caches today. Near white out conditions, 10+ inches of snow. Must have passed 2 dozen accidents in the 3 hours I was out. Can't wait until I can see the ground again.
  20. I've played on both sides of the fence and have to say I prefer Palm. The more basic units seem to be a liitle more rugged than the high end models. I've drove off with my unit on top of my car and watched it drop/bounce/tumble in the rear view mirror at 40 mph. It only had a few dings on the corners a scrape on the back. Works fine!
  21. So, how do you live without coffee or beer???
  22. I would say mine is something to the tune of... 1. Vanity is painful. 2. Don't be so proud and full of yourself; it's dangerous. 3. Weasels rule!
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