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  1. White white white........I know, I know. But this is ALL CaffePress offers. I DID find a new source like CafePress that offers white,black, blue, and red. The only problem is that it's in the UK, and a t-shirt would cost you about 44 bucks to order one from England :-(.....
  2. I've been thinking about that. Just trying to find some graphics to go with it! As far as colored shirts are concerned, CafePress only does white (and a light yellow?). I did find a UK site that does black, red, and blue, but it'd cost you about 50 dollars US to order one. Thanks for th input! Hope to have a few new things soon!
  3. Several of my caches require retrieval via a string or other unusual tactics. Be creative!
  4. The site appears to be working fine. They may have been doing maintainance when you checked. -Added a couple new items. Will have new caching designs soon!
  5. Unfortunately CafePress does not cater to these kind of shirts. My first preference would have been black with white text. I did add a few more items at the request of several people. Enjoy!
  6. If anyone wants a different item with the "motto" on it, let me know. I'll add it to the list. Everything should be marked "at cost". I just did it for fun. Glad everyone likes the shirt!
  7. This is deffinately a conversation starter if I ever heard one....
  8. Check out this link for a shirt with the "cachers motto" on it. Cheap, too! Cachers Motto
  9. Oky, this is strange. I tried one more time but this time marked it for a Tuesday run and it worked. I didn't change ANY of the info, just the day I wanted to run it. Go figure. Thanks to everyone who helped.
  10. Well. according to the preview, all I'll get is 14. Completed list identical to your list above.
  11. Really. I never realized that. Thanks for the tip.
  12. That's pretty much identical to what I've done, only if origin is "none selected" it doesn't let me proceed. I've also been creating a new query each time just to make sure. I have one more shot until midnight. I'll try one moe time.
  13. I selected the box for states, and tried selecting "none" for origin but it gave me an error saying I HAVE to select an origin.
  14. Tried it. Didn't work. Still get just twelve. The states/provinces is seperate from the origin portion.
  15. Here's my cache machine: 2004 WRX Wagon It goes from 0 to Caching in 4.5 seconds flat!
  16. I wondered about trying that. Just thought maybe someone has already figured out the correct way to do it, and has done it successfully.
  17. It's possible the person who owns the cache handed off the TB to another cacher they knew. That seems the most logical answer if the cache hasn't been approved.
  18. Okay, so I tried this again, same info in PQ, but this time I got 12 caches instead of 1. Is this a bug in the system or something?
  19. I was out caching today and was bushwacking through some dense bush and trees. I happened to scare up a couple of young squirrels. They ran up a tree about waist high to me, and stopped to see what I was. I just stood there for a second, and then did something really stupid; I tried to do a "squirrel call". All of a sudden, they both started chirping at me, and one of them ran right at me and went right up my leg! Did I mention I was wearing shorts? Well, like any well adjusted outdoorsman, I jumped 6 feet into the air, screaming like a little girl , and ran out of the woods. I did eventually make it back to the cache, but not without carrying a big stick with me to fend off the killer squirrels. Oh, and the first person to make any jokes about about "squirrels and nuts" gets a smack on the head!
  20. I tried it again this morning and finally got a result, but it only had ONE cache in the query. I should be able to get them all since there are less than 500 (283, I believe). This is the info I gave for the query: Run Once Selected type (locationless) any container I haven't found Within-none selected (for all locations) Origin-from home waypoint (you HAVE to have a beginning origin) Within 100 miles (also has to be selected) Placed-none selected (for any date) Anyone have any suggestions?
  21. I've also been experiencing the same problem, but I think it has just been recent in the past week or two.
  22. Yes, I DID select a day of the week. Actually, the first time I tride it, I forgot to select ONLY locationless and it gave me everything. I went back and tried to re-run it this morning.
  23. I recently tried to run a one time only PQ for the locationless caches. It's been been sitting idle for a week. Any idea why it won't generate? I left the requirements as broad as possible, but no results.
  24. Actually, the term I frequently hear is "Geomuggles", but muggles is also commonly used. The way I understand is that this is recognizable termanology and geocachers are adapting it to suit the "geo"world. It's the same way the term "geocache" came into being, really. Someone took one recognizable term and modified it to suit the need of the sport. It very well could have just as easily been called "Electronic treasure hunting" or "The world wide techno easter egg hunt"; but those aren't as catchy, are they. The fact that almost everyone knows what a "muggle" is is what makes it so easy to adapt. I can think of half a dozen things "easter eggs" refer to besides actual eggs. edit:spelling
  25. I did receive notification that I submitted a cache for approval, I just never received a conformation email. It appears it was approved this morning. I have had several other caches approved over the past week, and had no problems with them.
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