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  1. Crystal, MN member of team Kilted Cachers! Been doing this about 2 1/2 years, but took a short hiatus 'cause of work...bleh. Gettin' back into the swing of things now!
  2. Why are you selling it after only two months of ownership?
  3. MOOOOOOOORE NEW STUFF! CACHESWAG Keep those ideas coming! ....also, if you have any pics of our stuff being used, worn, laughed at, whatever.....post them here so we can see!
  4. We are always looking for new ideas, however we are constrained to what merchandise CafePress has to offer. Patches would deffinately be worth the effort, and I will look into it! Thanks!
  5. NEW STUFF - NEW STUFF - NEW STUFF! ....okay, just a little excited, hehe. Check it out!
  6. WOW, I am DEFFINATELY not associated with NORML then....a little confused about the comment that my site is just like theirs though.... BUT..... New design will be active soon. YAY!
  7. Forgive me for being naive, but I am unfamiliar with the term NORML. Is this a cacher or an organization of some sort? I don't want to offend anyone, and have no association with who/whatever this is, just to clarify.
  8. Checked with the Cafepress.com site. Unfortunately, they do not accept Paypal. I emailed themto see it this may be an option for them in the future, but it seems unlikely.
  9. NORML? Do they have a similar site or are they endorsing me ? As for Paypal, not sure if Cafepress does that. will definately check in to it though. Thanks!
  10. I'm glad you mentioned that....I think I'll make a version "A" and "B" of that shirt. We've had compliments on both. Thanks for the input!
  11. Let's see; Minneapolis, MN- paid 2.19/gal for premium today. I believe reg. was about 2.03.
  12. I myself have converted 6 muggles to geocaching to date. I think anyone with a love of the outdoors will naturally gravitate to the sport if given the opportunity.
  13. New thought.... If you nice people purchase (or have purchased) any of the merchandise, mainly the clothing, it would be nice to see a pic of you or the lucky recipient wearing said merchandise caching. Post it here in the topic for us to see! Thank you- thank you- thank you! Digiferret
  14. Not really any discounts set up for quantity, but the ARE priced wih almost no markup on them....just wanted to do it for fun mostly and see people wearing my stuff and saying "Hey! This is cool. Thanks!"
  15. Bumper stickers are go! Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks!
  16. Yes! We can do bumper stickers! We'll have specific designs just for the bumper stickers soon.
  17. Well, I do have a rectangular sticker that's fairly large, but I'll check to see if they do standard bumper sticker sizes. Thanks!
  18. Avatar gone missing.....hmmmm
  19. Unfortunately CafePress doesn't do black shirts, but they do a couple of fun colors that we DO have. If anyone else has any suggestions or requests, I'll be more than happy to try to accomodate. Thanks!
  20. WOOHOO! NEW SITE FINALLY! Here's the link to the new and improved site! Cache Swag New designs, TONS of new items, and lots more coming! Thanks for everyones input! Let me know what you think of the new design. More stuff to come!
  21. NEW SITE COMING SOON! MORE OPTIONS AND DESIGNS!!! Thanks again for everyone's input. I am taking everyone's suggestions and trying to implement as many as I can, and with the new site this should be possible. I originally did this for myself and a few local cachers, and made things as inexpensive as possible. I'm glad everyone enjoys the caching stuff and it's fun to see something I've made out there in the big world telling people about the fun of geocaching. I always get a few questions when I wear my shirts out in public, and have even converted a few muggles into diehard geocachers! Thanks again! Digiferret
  22. I've taken everyone's suggestions into account and have been trying to make some changes. I've contacted the people at CafePress about updating and expanding their options, but have not heard back yet. Hopefully they will listen as this is what their customers are asking for.
  23. NEW SHIRT-NEW SHIRT-NEW SHIRT!!!!!!!! New design for the swag lovers out there!!! Make that bold statement!
  24. UPDATE!!!!!! I now have YELLO and GREEN shirts!!!!!!! They rock! So cool! Now if they ever get around to making BLACK we'll be set!!!
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