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  1. Placed 3 years before the birth of geocaching?? AWESOME!!
  2. It was my idea before Ashnikes. The whole idea was to have it get "yucky". Yeah, I'm evil. That's how I roll!!
  3. Nah, not a good idea. The GS servers already suffer from a depressive bipolar condition. Adding extra stress and making them think more might just push them over the edge.
  4. Most people who get a little sick in the tummy don't connect it to the water they drink. It's always "something I ate". I know someone who got sick from drinking "stored" water. It can ruin a good time. That's all I was sayin... P.S. There have been lots of studies on the germs left on and in reusable containers. There was often more microbes there than on a public toilet seat.
  5. I stress the part where I specifically mentioned the water I hike by... I can probably safely assume our urban aqueduct water is a TAD worst than actual creek and spring water in Oregon lol. You might be right
  6. Unfortunately if I drank the water I hiked by, I'd get one or more of the following: Anaemia Arsenicosis Ascariasis Botulism Campylobacteriosis Cholera Cryptosporiodiosis Cyanobacterial toxins Dengue Diarrhoea Dracunculiasis Fluorosis Giardiasis Hepatitis Hookworm infection Japanese encephalitis Lead poisoning Legionellosis Leptospirosis Lymphatic filariasis Malaria Malnutrition Methaemoglobinemia Onchocerciasis Polio Ring Worm or Tinea Scabies Schistomiasis Trachoma Trichuriasis Typhoid I've inherited a backpack capable of housing a hydration bladder, I just never invested the 15 dollars in getting one So I just bring my 2x 2 liter bottles of water lol. Yeah, it amazes me how man was able to survive at all before filtered and bottled water. Don't tell anyone but those hydration bladders make people sick too because cleaning them properly is a chore.
  7. Save money. Hike near water. That's what I do.
  8. Different people get notifications at different times. Several factors come into play. It can be the carrier you use, your email provider and how much money you bribed the reviewer with to get told ahead of time. And then there's platinum membership privileges where you are notified of the cache before the owner even places it. We can't talk about platinum membership though.
  9. That's pretty sad. But true. Anyone who has ever been late on a bill payment has broken an agreement.
  10. drfred... It's probably a good thing that your image isn't showing up. If I were you, I would edit it and remove it FAST. You might just get a forced vacation if you don't.
  11. Wow, really? Does it really happen THAT often where it made you declare you're done FTF hunting? I am sure it happens but I am sure it is rare one in deed. Never happened to me in 130 some odd FTF's. I never declared I was done hunting FTF's. Yes it has happened enough. Three times that I am sure of where I was first to get to GZ to find no cache. A couple more times where I was there first and didn't find the cache (wheter it was bad coords or I'm dumb or the cache wasn't there). As I corrected. It's only about 33% of the reason. There are more reasons.
  12. The Reviewer can then follow-up and ask if the container has been placed before publishing the cache. You mean, like this? It could be reworded to say: "Have you actually placed the container? Please do NOT check this box until the cache is in it's permanent hiding spot. If you do check this box and the cache is NOT in place, be aware that there will be the curse placed on you that the fleas of a thousand camels will invade your crotch."
  13. The vandal violated the TOS of geocaching.
  14. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/default.aspx near the bottom
  15. The CO is saving that FTF for me. Well actually at the end of the day I got the FTF !!! After the CO actually put the cache out and posted a note to the page Scubasonic That's half of the reason I stopped chasing them as much. Well, maybe 33% of the reason.
  16. There is a cave (or two) that I want to place a cache in. The only thing that is stopping me on one of them is the fact that there is something alive in it (probably just bats) and the other is that I was just too scared to stay in it for too long. Both are really cool caves.
  17. Agreements are broken all the time. The key is to not get caught breaking agreements.
  18. Wel, you know what I mean. Never leave the house unless you have a gun in your hand It's important that you are able to blow away any threat before they even finish the threat. Should even practice shooting through your pocket so you don't waste precious nano seconds removing the gun from your pocket. I did too.
  19. Yeah, especially in Montgomery I carry a Kimber .45 and a Kel-tec P3-AT for a BUG. I like the Kel-tec because I can keep my hand in my right pocket on the grip ready to draw and it looks like I've just got my hand in my pocket. Left hand on the GPS. When it gets cooler I can keep it in my jacket pocket enabling me to fire from the pocket. I carry a Taurus .44 magnum for the woods with the first round a snakeshot load. Yeah, carrying with your hand on the trigger is the way to go!!
  20. Yes, it's OK. I did it just the other day although I didn't ask. I knew they were looking for the cache and so I stopped and gave them a nudge.
  21. Happened to me once. I was FTF on a cache and had to walk a quarter mile through 32 degree ice/frost/water to get to the cache. I wasn't about to do the trek a second time so I managed to sign the log with a muddy stick.
  22. If you have to defend "Geocaching" in a court of law, remember to point out the "irresponsible" ot "immature" people who participate in geocaching. Geocaching has Police officers, firemen, doctors, lawyers, business owners, BOY SCOUTS, and likely a judge or two who participate. Geocaching has Mensa members, children, adults, grandparents and great grandparents. Geocaching members are of all races, creed, color, sexual orientation, etc. And the best part about geocaching is that healthy people can play alongside those with MS, Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, Paralysis, Downs Syndrome, lupus, Cerebal Palsey, etc. The thing to remember is anyone who mocks geocaching merely has not had fun doing it. Geocaching is a way for your family to bond. It's a way for your children to explore the world around them. It's a way to see sights they would never see otherwise. Don't allow your ex or her layer to trap you. They WILL try. Just remain calm, always, and speak the truth about your time with the kids. If you give in to emotional outbursts, you WILL lose. Good luck.
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