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  1. Gas prices have affected my caching. Well, that and a lack of time. I don't go after FTF's much anymore because it was costing way too much for gas.
  2. I was watching American Idol™ and there it was. I saw the EXACT location of M.H.V.10. If the cache was larger I would have seen it in the video. It was just too smal to be seen. It was a very exciting moment for me!!
  3. Your Membership Member since: 08/03/2008. You are a Basic Member. thats all mine says
  4. Yeah, I know. It says I have been a member since August 2008 but doesn't say when my premium membership began or when it was due. It also says I'm a basic member but I was a premium member a week ago.
  5. How do you determine when your premium membership is about to expire? How do you know if your PM is ACTUALLY expired and not just a system glitch? I just tried to run a PQ and was informed I am a basic member. I never received a notification that my PM was about to expire. It seems like it really hasn't been a year (but it could have been) since I renewed the PM last time. It sucks because I was going to go caching tomorrow with a new cacher and don't have a PQ for the area we will be hiking. Will my PM benefits be turned on immediately with the payment of the membership? So many questions.
  6. So if someone walked a dog after hours in a park it would be a good argument to disallow dog walking? If kids were playing in the park after hours they should disallow kids playing in the park? If the grass grew after hours they should disallow growing grass? Yeah, after hours geocaching is going to make them disallow geocaching in the park. Makes complete sense,
  7. Nope. Cone 06 is in the 1800F range. Here's a reference that should help. http://www.ortonceramic.com/resources/reference/pdf/wall_chart_degreeF.pdf I like your idea to use ceramics as a sig item. That's what I did. You will get lots of compliments.
  8. vir·tu·al (vûrch-l) KEY ADJECTIVE: Existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name: Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination. Used in literary criticism of a text. Computer Science Created, simulated In other words... NOT REAL!! "Virtual" caches are NOT real caches.
  9. If you can tell me how you "sign a logsheet" on a virtual cache, I will lobby for the return of them. Until then, get over it. They aren't now, nor never were, CACHEs. They were landmarks.
  10. This one wasn't found around the house but rather at the shop where I work. It's a 2 inch ball valve. Actually, I have FOUR of them after a piece of equipment was moved. I am going to take one of them and secure it in the forest somehow. It will be connected to an elbow and then a pipe about 20 feet long. The general idea is that it will look like a normal "official" pipe coming out of the ground but getting the cache will require opening the ball valve and flushing the cache out of the pipe by pouring water into the pipe. After signing the log, the cacher should return the cache back to the ball valve area and close the valve, thus sealing it safely for the next cacher. The ball valve looks like this one except it's gray.
  11. Here's what I did. First I filled it with an 80# bag of concrete and let it sit for a couple days in the heat to set the concrete. Then it was huffed down a trail. It was placed near the exposed root system of a tree. Nearby there was a "section" of a tree that covered the container. I wish it were muggle proof but it's not. The normal geotrail ends up bringing muggles near the cache. I've had to maintain that one more than all my others. But, with the 80# of concrete, it still hasn't grown legs.
  12. The rules say... (paraphrased) Find cache, sign log, get smiley. Technically you aren't allowed to delete a log if the logsheet was signed.
  13. Why don't you go find a LPC instead of mocking on here. Yeah, it's not new anymore, but your being ridiculous. A hanging cache is not that hard to find. I see. I should only reply if I agree with the idea? Thanks for clarifying that.
  14. If you want to have cachers find your cache, forget the super hide. If you want to mess with cachers and have them waste their time, then do what you are thinking. Heck, why not hide a nano INSIDE a stick and then hide it way up un the tree with no string? I mean, the cache is there even though it will never be found, right?
  15. Blocky. Yup, that's a good descriptor. I agree,
  16. I think it's clunky and the quotes don't work anymore. Other than that, I don't have anything good to say about it.
  17. It's a game with no winners and no losers. Well, sort of. The winners are the ones that play the game for fun. The losers... well.... nevermind.
  18. I received one notification since the site upgrade. It DOES seem to have been unusually quiet the last few days.
  19. Delete the log ONLY after you have gone out to the cache and verified that they never signed the logsheet. Deleting logs just because they don't write you a special little online note is a great way to turn a cacher into a cache maggot.
  20. I have no idea how you can get to your position from the sentence "Geocaches can be logged online as Found once the physical log has been signed." Is it that the signature is considered by some to be an Additional Logging Requirement? Ahem... This is why people use the popcorn icon. It's all in the word CAN And there is no minimum logging requirement. Cache owners have discretion in the minimum. Show me otherwise
  21. Let me do it... Let ME!! The guidelines say you have to allow a smiley if the cacher signs the log. It does NOT say you HAVE to sign the log to collect a smiley. There is cache owner discretion on logging a find but there is NOT discretion if the log IS signed.
  22. Check your email settings. If necessary, change the email notification Email address to a yahoo or Gmail address. It's possible the notifications are being eaten by a spam filter. Also, check the range around your center point and make sure the coords as your center point are accurate.
  23. Yup, that's the container. They had them on sale for $4.99. I couldn't pass it up. Cheaper than an ammo can. The threads look substantial and not cross threadable enough to damage them. Can't seem to over tighten it either. I'm thinkng of calling it "Match Safe in a Tree" and listing it as unknown. Or Hanging it up pretty high in an old growth tree and calling it "Land of the Giants" after the TV show of the 70's. Either way I'm only expecting a couple of finds per year.
  24. Not likely. I was planning on hanging it in a tree.
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