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  1. Is Groundspeak looking into this issue? Still no notifications for messages. That was the only reason I kept the official app on my phone basically...
  2. I also don't get push notifications on Android for new messages. Cleared app data, re-logged in. Still no notifications. In Android settings notifs enabled for gc app.
  3. Have they pulled the feature out? I had them showing and now I don't have them anymore. No option in filters either anymore.
  4. I just keep mine clipped with the carabiner attachment. To my backpack strap if I'm wearing one. Or to my belt loop on pants. Or I just keep the GPSr in my pocket. Oh but I do have a soft silicon case around it and a screen protector on. I got those for $8 from Aliexpress But hard cases where you have to actually open the case every time you want to look at the unit is just inconvenient. I had one ages ago when I was using a Garmin Colorado 300. Got to say, I still have that unit and the screen is in pretty good condition despite being actively used and having had no screen protector on it.
  5. You can rename tracks at the point of saving and even after, within the GPSr. When you click on the floppy button to save, there is a confirmation window, containing the name (e.g. 2021-04-26 12:00:00 ) and other data. Just tap on that line and it opens the keyboard and you can write whatever you want. And then you tap the checkmark and click on the green floppy button at the bottom of the screen as normal. TO rename them after they have been saved, go to Track Manager, find the track you want, tap on it, and then in the same manner as above, tap on the name line.
  6. I just noticed this the other day as well! Here is a bit better quality picture, I tried to enhance it a bit. Small print still not quite readable though. P.S. Have been really digging Dark so far. Amazing series! Halfway through S2 at the moment.
  7. I have recently updated my profile cover photo, and even though I followed the proportion guideline and experimented with different resolutions, it always comes out blurry in the Android app. I checked other users profiles - blurry for everyone. I've tried putting in a pic of recommended width - 790 and also twice that size - 1580. Both turn out equally blurry. On the website - picture is as crisp and sharp as winter's morning. Geocaching app 8.34.0 Android 9 Xiaomi Mi A1 P.S. Have tried clearing cache&data of app, nothing changes.
  8. Number of counts lagging again. It is now Server Time: Wednesday, 19 August 2020 15:19:40
  9. I can confirm this is happening to me as well, on a regular basis, for the last week or so. Quite annoying really as I have a counter added to each log of mine but now it's glitching out and I have to really follow what number I put in my log to see if I'm adding the right one
  10. I think this has been going on for a while actually. Maybe not after every log like notes or DNFs but I remember getting repeated popups when logging caches in succession.
  11. I've had website issues since yesterday. Have managed to log a few caches but mostly it has been just loading veeery slowly or not at all. Not really working right now.
  12. Yup, not long after I published my adventure, thedoglady had logged it, all the 5 points within 2 minutes. A day later another user from Germany had logged mine (mine is in New Zeland) https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=Die Lu.Tze AG I have two genuine logs and two fake ones at the moment. 50/50 ratio...
  13. eTrex 10 is a modern one. The original eTrex is affected but still has the location correct. Just the date that's wrong.
  14. Each individual cacher will not do all the caches though. It would be the same as people who don't have climbing gear complaining they can't do climbing caches. That's why there are sooo many different caches out there to choose from. I like the diversity. And if you really want to log the one that is connected to an adventure but don't have the means, you can always team up with others. Another great aspect of geocaching - the social one.
  15. There are plenty usernames with spaces out there. But when trying to change an username to get a space somewhere in-between it, to separate two words, I get a message: "ProfileViewModel is an invalid character" Is space in usernames 'grandfathered', so to say? Or is there a trick to getting one?
  16. I'm still getting newsletter with the same issue. Anyone know whay would that be?
  17. Sure. Attaching shots of the last newsletter. Viewing on Windows 10 desktop. Screenshots from Chrome but it's the same in IE and Firefox as well. It's not about the results the links give but about the fact that the links are just broken for me completely. (You cannot see the mouse cursor in screenshots but I'm hovering over a link in each of the instances and you can see the link data it gives for me at the bottom, the same thing for two different links, and it's the base64 code that I 've posted in my OP
  18. As this is happening for quite a while now and I didn't find any other posts on this, I'm well aware that the issue could have something to do with my email provider, yet even if it is so, I'm just curious to know, what could have caused it. So, in all the email newsletters I've received since 18th April, all of the hyperlinks are broken. They look like this:  All of them are exactly the same and it is this base64 string for a gif image apparently. Since April 18 newsletter about 3 million caches. So, it was only some time after switching to the new newsletter format. Since switching to the new newsletter format, the links were changed from normal links as well but they worked. In fact, the links were dodgy because they seemed to send my email address to some stats company, but they still worked. This is how links looked in the first few new newsletters: https://lnk.ie/1RPH7/e=ivss_xx@inbox.lv/https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?origin=home&radius=100mi&types=6,13,453,1304,3653,3774,4738,7005&pe=1&sort=PlaceDate&asc=True https://lnk.ie/1PXA1/e=ivss_xx@inbox.lv/https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2017/02/where-in-the-world-is-signal-hint-gruse-aus-deutschland/ So, those, first giving my email address to the stats company, still would land me in the according geocaching page. Still, seems dodgy that they just send my email address without my consent to somewhere. The current one just results in an error.
  19. OK, so Groundspeak "fixed" the field notes by bringing back the timestamp to the drafts page. BUT there's always a BUT! The timestamps shown are totally wrong. I'm uploading drafts from my Garmin Oregon 700. This is an example of one: In the field notes file, GC570V3,2017-06-25T14:48Z,Found it,""; so, it's UTC 14:48, so it's GMT 14:48 I have my time zone set to GMT+2 (currently real time is GMT+3 because of DST) But the new drafts showed the time as 10:48. I can't understand from where does it get this? It shows 7 hours earlier than my real time. Previously, you could change the time zone in the settings and then the time reflected in field notes would also change according to that. No more, I changed my time zone to smth else, drafts still show the same 10:48. GPS sets the UTC time, so where is the problem to just apply the current time zone that the user has set in his profile? What is this mysterious minus 4 or 7 hours thing?
  20. Very well said, I salute you! Hopefully, Groundspeak listens to all of what's going on in this thread.
  21. I must be going blind. Here is a screenshot of how that page looks to me.
  22. Well, being hesitant is the correct approach, of course. But rest assured, that extension is not evil If you want you can always download the file first and extract the contents and then check them with an editor for any suspicious stuff. Or we can always sit and wait for Groundspeak to take action. Already waiting for more than 6 months now
  23. Meanwhile, the solution is to use this extension: http://geo.arisoft.fi/mcwb/index.html I've had no issues after putting that on.
  24. +1 to all of the comments here. At the moment "New Logging Experience" is just plain worse than the old one. The only thing I like about it abit is that the trackable list gets sorted by the most recently logged so my regulars are at the top of the list. What hasn't been mentioned - I can't add a favourite point anymore when posting log?? Another step backwards.
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