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  1. Can be purchased at http://www.megawales.co.uk/shop/ Antique Silver Satin Nickel
  2. I know this is an old discussion, but Oakcoins will have a Defender 90 coin out soon. Look at my coins on my profile to see photo of the prototypes. They are listted as Oakcoins Sample Geocoins. Landy Steve Put me down for one of each colour Please
  3. I used to until I realised I had 150 on my watchlist and had to go through each one removing them
  4. we don't have them in this country We do now ..well Mega events anyway
  5. Funnily enough I had someone discover one of my coins yesterday which is odd as it has never been out of my hands and the cacher hasn't found a cache for a while I have emailed them and asked where they saw it
  6. Please feel free to leave any trackables that belong to me where you found them!! My bold is an irresponsible and selfish action to take. I am going to presume that because your profile states that you have only moved 2 trackables and don't own any that you perhaps don't realise the small responsibility that you are taking on when you decided to move a trackable on? These items belong to another user and that person is putting them out in the blind faith that when someone picks them up they will look after it responsibly and place it into another cache. Whether that other cache meets the mission or not doesn't matter but of course would be preferable. To decide that it turns out to be more of a hassle than what you can be bothered with and to just say you will ditch it and hope someone will want to help out badly enough is a selfish attitude. Luckily for the owner of the trackable that you have currently got there are plenty of offers on here to help you out. Have I misread the OP or is the TB actually his (or his 1 yr old son's )and therefore he can take the chance and dump it if he feels comfortable with that ?
  7. There is no dress code as such Some people wear normal clothes
  8. Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on Go'on You know it makes sense " Host it and they will come " © The Unknown Geocacher. All Rights Reserved
  9. Flags are a good idea as well Handmade by the same person who calls us saddo's
  10. There is also a Wherigo app for the Nokia 5800 (or any java enabled phone really) called Openwig .
  11. ... and she's still your girlfriend? She has other redeeming features Oh yeah and she can cook
  12. Same price, $2.50. It will be mailed out via U.S.P.S.. If you prefer another form of shipment, we can work that out as well. Thanks for the quick reply U.S.P.S will be fine
  13. How much is shipping to the UK ?
  14. If its about Puffin coins they are a personal coin belonging to Hywel Eclectic Penguin Nope - it was about the Feather covered fish eating real life ones - and I have an answer of Skomer... though I must say the coin looks very very nice... Looks nice in the metal as well And to answer a question from the cache listing Yes that is Mumbles Pier with Mumbles Lighthouse in the background
  15. If its about Puffin coins they are a personal coin belonging to Hywel Eclectic Penguin
  16. Geocaching.com are currently working on an app for Android phones. Which is way overdue GeoBeagle is out now and also Free
  17. or that could be a red herring Again possibly another red herring especially if you happen to know a certain email address used by an English exile living in Wales And thats without the XX or XY chromosome angle On a more serious note Welcome and good luck
  18. Due to the significant amount of changes Clyde decided to make a charge for V7 for new and existing users. I was under the assumption that V6 would remain available via the site though. I'm not sure as upgrading and paying for a second registration was never an issue for me. Seconded
  19. I know a man that "may" be interested in an old tired Discovery when she retires
  20. My last 3 cache mobiles have been TB's A Land Rover Discovery a Land Rover 90 and my current Astra Cache Mobile
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