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  1. That is sort of what I want to do but the database has 3218 entries so not really practical
  2. Is it possible to run a PQ looking for archived caches ?
  3. Well not exactly, what stops you walking slightly to far to right and getting to the wrong tree. You get the same problem with a laser. If it isn't aligned exactly right, you get to the wrong tree. A laser will not bend as easy as a piece of string though
  4. I have a few and access to a few proper lasers
  5. Originally posted by moche on the South Wales Forum David was a very liked member of the South Wales Caching fraternity and will be greatly missed .
  6. I have attached one of mine to my car Trackme with a chirp as a trackme geocoin
  7. Not only fair but a cracking idea ....but I bet at least some of the things you come up with have already been done. I have considered a few things only to find out that they already exist
  8. Mine is now active And it dragged a couple of nutters out on a wet and windy bonfire night
  9. Not anymore I now have 2 working Chirps watch out Swansea Mwahhhh Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (2) here we come
  10. Mine are held up because of the ongoing security alert .
  11. Your welcome Kieth I spotted the cache container before I spotted the dog ...sorry Nipper
  12. And Nipper to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-11573683
  13. I have just been reminded that the chirp if used as part of a multi ( or as a traditional cache I guess ) also needs to be able to be found without using the chirp . Does this mean that I can now log underwater caches that require sub aqua gear as that also requires specialist gear not available to all ? Just wondering se post above about non chirping chirp
  14. I have a chirp First person to text me the message it is broadcasting wins a prize Competition starts at 4pm today Darn it the stupid thing has stopped chirping
  15. I started with a 60XL and still use it from time to time and have lent it to a few to try before they bought but as others have said not great under tree cover
  16. I know someone who dropped his watch into the sea off Greece and took a photo of the water so he could send it to his insurance company in case they wanted to know where he had lost it True story
  17. Sadly yes and they are never DNF's which is odd
  18. I know this is an old discussion, but Oakcoins will have a Defender 90 coin out soon. Look at my coins on my profile to see photo of the prototypes. They are listted as Oakcoins Sample Geocoins. Landy Steve Available on pre sales from Oakcoins as of today Geoswag Pre Sales page
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