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  1. Still struggling - repeatedly getting an error message "You have specified an incorrect username. Please check your username and try again. If you continue to have problems please contact the Board Administrator."


    I have tried both e-mail address and geocaching name as the username and have tried a password reset without joy. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


    The username is The Brat Pack with spaces I don't have access to passwords but you can use the forgotten password option if you have no luck I will delete the account and you can try registering again .

  2. The opening of a South Wales Geocaching Forum was mentioned quite a few times in the South Wales Geocaching Facebook site but you obviously missed it. If you do a search you will see a number of posts at the beginning of February. Unfortunately it is not being used as the Face group is much more popular which I think is happening to a number of regional forums.




    Edited as I had missed a word out :P


    Thanks - found it. Facebook postings seem so ephemeral - if you don't go on for a few days you can miss what is happening. I have tried to use it over the past two days but am having an issue logging on to the new Forum. I have e-mailed the Administrator to see what the issue is. Could just be me being dumb!


    I am sorry that there was 1 and a half hours gap between you registering and the activation of your account but there was a good reason for that. You emailed me at 2100 hrs last night asking if there was a problem I checked and replied at 2108 hrs that as far as I could see there were no problems. I have no access to password data so I am unable to even attempt to log on using your details but the 2 accounts I have (admin and personal) are both working fine. I have checked again this morning and I was able to log in again without problems. Can I suggest you check you are entering the password correctly and if that continues to be a problem that you request a password reset using the forgotten password link or try resending the confirmation email.

  3. There were archived by the user not a reviewer, Lucilla. It turns out it is a personal guideline that the setter has applied . If he has to replace the container more than twice he is archiving them, which is a shame as his hides are very innovative :(


    edited for the grammar police, I was tempted to add a spelling mistake but was concerned that I may cause offence to error free posters

  4. Yes. Its your typical swivel belt clip. You will notice a piece of plastic peaking out from the top of the clip? That is the release button to remove the clip from the holder.


    Thank You I did think that but wanted confirmation B)


    A removal belt clip is the one thing I miss from my old 60Csx so I will order one tomorrow . :ph34r:

  5. That's why I asked if you had the latest firmware, as some of the earlier version of the Montana, GPSMap62 and Etrex 20/30 firmware had problems with some maps. I have not had any reports from Oregon or Colorado users about issues. My own Oregon 200 loads them fine.


    I wonder what the cause is?





    I have even tried downloading the file with a different browser in case IE was doing something nasty and still no go ....works fine on my 60Csx backup though :rolleyes:


    Yes, just like the original maps, just unzip the IMG file, rename as required and then drop it in to the GARMIN folder on the GPSrs internal memory or SD/MicroSD card. It should then work.





    Phew thats OK then ....but sadly still not working it gets as far as the loading maps screen and freezes only way to do anything is to remove the batteries then plug in the usb lead with the down arrow button depressed for 30 seconds and force it into mass storage and delete the file :blink: .

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