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  1. I notice that: * it floats * has dual-posiition display mode I don't really see any disadvantages - it's a bit bigger. But for $50, you double the memory.
  2. What I do is just go to mapblast.com, search for a nearby city (just to get started) and then change the lat/long in the URL to the one I want. (I knew that mapquest has a lat/long search too - I wasn't able to find it directly from their home page - even looking in their help - but am glad to see it still exists)
  3. The future of this game is virtuals. I don't know why TPTB seem out of step with this. I defend a cache owenrs right to place virtuals but to think of a world with only virtuals? Gack! I'd rather drop the entire catagory than have that happen! I haven't really thought this through but maybe virtuals should be split out from physical caches sort of like benchmarks are. And to log a virtual, you post a picture of the gps in front of the "target". Also, re physical caches, maybe we should start recommending clear plastic cache boxes rather than metal or camo-painted ones so that any suspicious passerby (or police, ranger, etc) can see what's in it without having to open it.
  4. While waiting for the firmware changes, I believe you can use most cell phones these days to do rudimentary web browsing - if you have a pretty decent phone, maybe the geocaching.com/wap site will work for you. It doesn't for me, because I have a cheap phone but this one does: http://rtr.ca/geo
  5. The new firmware apparently lets you pick different color schemes for night and day mode now! You could choose color schemes with the old firmware, too... Oh, that's odd - I only mentioned that because of this at the garmin firmware download page: Change History Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10: * Added Marine Colors option to the map setup for displaying BlueCharts similar to MapSource. * Moved the Day/Night display mode from the map setup to the display setup. It still modifies map colors, but separate color-scheme selections have been added for day and night modes. <snip>
  6. I wouldn't mind if the compass arrow showed during "follow-road" navigation, even if it pointed to the "next" "waypoint" in the route. Then we wouldn't even need to switch to "off-road", would we?
  7. Yup, you are right - that would complicate things!
  8. Why not use the Man Overboard waypoint for that? I can't think of a better use for it if you spend most of your time on dry land! Just hold down the Find button and it'll create a unique waypoint called MOB for the current location.
  9. Wow, they are real close to doing that with the 3.10 firmware. All they need to do is change "Backlight Timeout" to "Daytime Backlight Timeout" and add "Nighttime Backlight Timeout" and add a "Stay Off" option to each.
  10. The new firmware apparently lets you pick different color schemes for night and day mode now!
  11. I'd settle in the short term for separate beep tones for left and right turns.
  12. I think I'd rephrase that to "Backlight automatically disabled during daylight hours" Or maybe a better choice would be to have separate backlight timeout settings for daylight/evening. Then you could set the backlight to "always off" during daylight hours and x minutes during evening hours.
  13. I had the exact same experience. I couldn't imagine people actually using them. After reading FlashMaster's post, maybe I'll give them another try.
  14. It's cool how the display switches to night view at night - I haven't checked yet to see if it happens at 6pm every night (that's what time it switched today) or sunset. But one setting that would be nice would be a toggle to set the backlight to only go on automatically at night. (you could tap the power button if you need it in a dark spot during the day).
  15. Another great suggestion! Playing around a little, I settled (for now) on the following settings: Setup/Map/General/Orientation: Track Up Setup/Map/General/Below: 3mi Setup/Map/Points/User Waypoints: 1.2mi This setup works great because the map was getting a little cluttered with geocaches when I'd zoom out (in San Diego which is a bit crowded -- even with geocaches!). <-- ok, i know! i just need to FIND them all! It would be nice to have a simple way to filter out waypoints on the map by icon (e.g don't show geocaches when not geocaching).
  16. Oh, thanks! That's quite a few clicks less than what I've been doing!
  17. I have a 60cs, MapSource w/NACS v5, USB and a WAP-capable cell phone. I use pocket queries to get nearby caches, GSAK to put them in MapSource to transfer via USB. The cache data is a bit limited, but with the cell phone I can get all that anyway. So far, so good and they all do the trick for paperless caching. There seem to be enough 60c(s)'s out now that I was wondering if there is a 60c(s) Geocaching FAQ on someone's site yet? If not, here's my first question: Is there a smooth way to transition from "on-road" to "off-road"? I've set my Setup/Routing/Guidance method to "Prompted" so that when I do my initial "Find/Geocache", select the one I want and click "Go To", it prompts me for "Follow Road" or "Off Road" - I pick "Follow Road" to get me to the cache location. Then I do another "Find/Find", pick the cache again, select "Go To" and this time choose "Off Road" at the prompt. Is there a better way? It's too bad the compass arrow doesn't show up in "Follow Road" mode. Thanks for any useful hints!
  18. Same thing with the other checkboxes to the right - it would be nice if I could just list the 20 nearest Travel Bugs.
  19. After you get to the resulting list of caches (nearest.aspx), then click on the Map It icon (getmaps.aspx), then click Identify and click on the map, you get 20 cache listings (or less, if any have been disabled or archived, which may be more often than not). It would be nice to have 20 caches listed after the filter is applied (disabled, archived, found). Thanks for listening!
  20. Doh! I'm #11! I sure hope they do get 15!
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