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  1. Hehe, sorry, I gotta keep you guessing!
  2. Hehe, the locals are going to wonder about this huge group of people wandering around with headlamps on their heads! P.S. Here are even more nearby Starbucks
  3. I'd love to snag that cluster - think it could be done by noon? It sure looks like it can.
  4. Hey, I just changed my name! Just like Duncan!, Rocket_____Man and others! (formerly Ahimsa)
  5. But can it walk on rocks like a jeep? YES
  6. Can we see the closeup of that sign too? FJ @ Toyota.com
  7. That works great! Thanks!! Wow, this macro is much easier than the way I was doing it before! I've changed it slightly so that the waypoint labels only show up when you mouse over them and added more info to the popup bubble!
  8. This is probably not the right place to post this, but since I'm running into the problem while editing the GE macro, here it is! I'm not able to successfully use special tags in the macro (I want to put %last4 in the description bubble). I'm using: $cacheName = $d_Name $placedBy = $d_PlacedBy $diff = $d_Difficulty $terrain = $d_Terrain GetSpecial Data=%last4 $last4 = $result GetSpecial Data=%drop2 $drop2 = $result But I get an error on the $last4 = $result line (Invalid expression in macro). What's the right way to get that data? Thanks! Love the macro, I have it doing great things!
  9. Hey, I noticed that there's a new macro for the latest GSAK that seems to take all the hard work out of getting your caches into Google Earth: ge.txt (last one in the list) I haven't tried it yet but I'll let you know how well it works! On edit: It crashed when I tried it! On second edit: It worked when I didn't try to load all 2500 caches!
  10. And sign the log - and swap some swag and bring it back to the cachemobile
  11. I was at adventure 16 the other day and they have scarves that look like topo maps! (probably more than $6 though!)
  12. Tilting is the knightly art of trying knock another knight off his horse. "Tilting at windmills" comes from the book "Don Quixote" where the hero applies his knightly skills against windmills that he imagines are giants. It means to "fight imaginary foes". Thanks, LLOT! I'm fresh out of appropriate metaphors but I hope iT & Ft can safely maneuver the gray area between promoting their site and spamming the forums!
  13. Uhhhh.. wikipedia? No, that's not it...
  14. You might not know this but Jeremy is the owner of GC.com. So I don't think you'll get very far on that one..... Yeah, I think that would be tilting at windmills (is that a phrase!?). Jeremy probably just viewed all of iTrax and Foxtail's posts and in that context, yikes. No easy answers to that one.
  15. self-delete of dupe posting (what's up with the forums today!#$#$)
  16. Looking forward to seeing the photos and/or GPS tracks!
  17. Not that I've ever been there but I found a clue
  18. Hey, they aren't useless - they stick to things! (nor is that white jeep, i might add!! )
  19. Since I have Corel Photo Paint 11, I might be able to help you more than others that don't! For example, here's how I added the forum background color to my palette: Step 1 - do a screen capture of the forum, open it as a new document in your paint program, then click the dropper toolbar button Step 2 - click on the background in your screen capture - but not in a quote! (in Corel, right-click does the background color, I think) Step 3 - if you did the correct click, then the little box here should be the forum background color - now doubleclick the box to open up the Select Fill dialog box Step 4 - click the Edit button to get the Uniform Fill dialog box Step 5 - select the Add To Palette dropdown and select RGB Palette (that's the only thing there on mine) Now you'll have the forum background color as one of the colors in your palette to choose from. When you resize images or create new ones, you can select that color as the background color.
  20. Here's how I did it for the Bear Valley collage - rotated them slightly and random order with slight shadows which don't obscure the photos much - also the curvature matches the earth nicely! Here's the same effect with the Double Peak photos:
  21. Wow, those are beautiful shots! And you've got the forum background color too! Nice to have these filed in this thread where they can be enjoyed!
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