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  1. I just emailed you the unretouched/resized background photo - if you want the car, well, that's just another banter project for you!
  2. Um, Edward Hopper, Boston? P.S. Honk if you meant the funny looking guy Honk! right on the painter but who's the funny guy?
  3. From today's second shift SDCET outing: B.R.A. scores 500 SDCET not impressed Road less travelled ..til today SDCET surveying the technology Trudging across the tundra Only snakes we saw today - asphalt ones Only corpses found today SDCET heads back
  4. I believe this is B.R.A. scoring their 500th?
  5. Um, Edward Hopper, Boston? P.S. Honk if you meant the funny looking guy
  6. Our 16 year old neighbor told us about it and lent us his GPSr so we kept it for a few months (well, he wasn't that interested in it!) and found all the nearby caches! Then I realized this was a great opportunity to spend lots of money we didn't have, so I did. (well, we had to have our own GPSr!)
  7. OK, I'm going to try to make this (8am) - but since I'm supposed to be working, I'll probably head back after the first cluster has been snagged.
  8. Hmm, must've been a SD Tunnel Rat that found the body - BRA, you've got competition in the CSI dept now!
  9. You mean 6am? Uhh, I'm getting confused! I think this must be the plan: Friday Dec 30 6 AM Email Team Fatman 8 AM Lake Jennings Park & Ride Is that right? On edit - corrected
  10. You mean 6am? Uhh, I'm getting confused!
  11. BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah.. Old Highway 80 caches! BlahBlah So what's on the 8am agenda?
  12. Weeellll, I thought after that image, TrailGators can give us a lesson! With all those new books floating around, there should be lots of new ideas showing up!
  13. Very nice! 13 posts until the next page - got a new lesson in the works?
  14. Well, it could have been worse, I guess!
  15. Wow, that's --- uh -- very impressive! I'm surprised you all weren't hanging out the windows on the high side!
  16. Wow, that is cool! Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to sit this one out! But I'll explore what, if any, alternatives can be found in Corel Photo Paint.
  17. Wanted to keep this link to Kawikaturn's SD Cacher stats near the top of the page:
  18. Hehe, hold that thought until you try some of these. "Hike" is not the operative word here.
  19. 6 posts until the next page! New lesson ready?
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