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  1. whats happening with this as the event is over and attendees got their coins,how about us fokes that didn't attend but posted for coins.
  2. thought i would have to get a gc.com trackable MiGO to see it, but forgot i have a MiGO Summer icon looks Great!
  3. guess i missed it, had my name in for some , anyone get an extra i can trade for?
  4. Anyone get an extra and willing to trade a Ohio or Avroair for it let me know
  5. FOR TRADE Three Ohio Geocoins One Avroair im Looking For. Any personal coins MiGO (winter/spring) GBES Summer/Winter OKIC Alabama 2004 DFW 2005 silver Idaho/cachers name
  6. i say no silly things like the NY coin and lady liberty holding a gps..?
  7. Got my 5 OHIO Geocoins today! Thanks Ben
  8. looks like the Moun10Bike coin needs its own thread
  9. Always thought Copy tags were only to keep track of the travel bug #'s. not to replace original tag.
  10. paypaled the other day for 3 not 5 as i said in a early post thanks
  11. Does COOL have a forum / website or anything?
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