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  1. huh? one or two types of Iowa coin?
  2. i'll take one maybe-e-mail sent Edit: yep i'll take one
  3. Got Mine here in Dallas TX Thanks
  4. According to the log Virtualcheater just Grabbed/Logged the coin, at least the other usa coins he grabbed it in the logs and doesn't have the coin. SO JUST DELETE HIS LOG!
  5. Anyone have a Reg. NEFGA coin coins i have to trade Trade : *Tenn.(reg.) *NJ *MD Washington 05 silvermarc Camp Explorer * GC.com Trackable
  6. That is a stunning website How is that you learned of these guys? i Get a white page with an e-mail anyone going to have an extra reg NEFGA coin? I need a SWAGS coin ...But hands off my GEOLUAU coin
  7. already got a future NEFGA trade. do you have a reg. Gw3 for Trade? coins to trade: 1 Avroair 1 Camp Explorer(bronze) 3 Washington 2005 4 Maryland
  8. Anyone have an extra SWAGS coin? contact me for trade (no Ebay )
  9. 12 coins for a limited GWIII thats crazy, so is Ebay!
  10. Anyone interested in Selective Availability RED Coin(www.geocoinclub.com) trade for Migo Fall geocoin?
  11. Anyone interested in Selective AvailabilityRED (www.geocoinclub.com) Coin trade for Migo Fall geocoin?
  12. Got my KC coin today, yes its a good day
  13. looking to aquire a NEFGA jeep club Geocoin,does anyone know when it comes out? it will only be available in FL. if anyone can get one to trade let me know
  14. Many people are after the GD coin, haven't seen the square one before sorry know nothing about them i'll trade ya for it though
  15. Looking for: Personal coins GWIII 05 DFW silver 05 idaho(personalized) For trade: 1 Avroair Camp Explorer(1 silver/2 bronze) 3 Washington 2005 6 Maryland
  16. for sale or trade only? Great looking coin
  17. just my own thought, some coins go so fast in production , and others don't. i guess i understand that.
  18. umm figure out your design ..then put it out for all to see, then everyone is not in Limbo waiting on you.. like now.
  19. Also emailed azgeocoin@gmail.com requesting 2 Arizona Geocoins
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