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  1. Please confer i had an order for these coins, still have not got them yet...
  2. whats up with the break in the store hours, i wanted two coins and it wouldn't let me click on two coins,it gave me one so i went back to try for two and then its closed until 12 pm on the 17th? Not everyone can be ordering coins at 12pm on a Workday! why would you be open in the evening ( a good time) and the go to the middle of the next day? Edit: oh i read KSwader's note, Sucks i missed these
  3. Former Californian, i will take two coins
  4. This site seems to be down... I have Not Another Micro to activate, is this still the place? --Marc February 11, 2006 @ 8:38 PM N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756' Since the site was down(i thought forever) i went to the source (contact@Groundspeak.com) to get my Not Another Micro coin activated
  5. i am looking for Jeep'en Jumpers coin also looking for trackable personal coins w/ icons Trades: EU coin Sir Gerald Silver The Boys Of Ladycacher Maine 2005 Maryland MGS 2005 Also does anyone know who runs Oakcoins? and why the site is down?
  6. I would like one set if you don't have me down yet
  7. Did Oakcoins Quit or what, i need activation and they owe me lost coins or $
  8. What is UP??? oakcoins is down! also looking for activation for Not Another Micro!
  9. i would like to Buy one of your coins- e-mail sent
  10. Looking for Jeep'en Jumpers Geocoins Help out a fellow jeeper Also looking for any of the National Parks Geocoins trade: maine sirgerald boys of ladycacher maryland-trade 2
  11. Aww i got a couple, i thought they were tackable/w/Icon.. that sucks its a tb #
  12. 1.Worker of Wood-Great Idea 2. Bad Andy- i like the Icon 3. Jaybee littins & the Mad cow coins One i don't have..i like junglehair's new coin
  13. oh its jeeptoysrus..not jeepsrus i found another jeep coin, now just to get one Jeep'en Jumpers
  14. i have at least 7 jeep coins i also would like more jeep coins, i think its jeepsrus that has a new cut out jeep that i dont have yet...
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