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  1. i'll take 2-3 of each, paypal ? looking forward to them thanks
  2. i never had any problems with their service
  3. Anyone interested in south African coin? I know its asking alot but i'd like personal coin trades, or let me know what you have to trade
  4. Got mine today thank you -Sissy
  5. sounds like a better idea, pick up a walmart jeep and have your fun with it insted of wrecking the wjtb's
  6. cool Thanks pdxmarathonman
  7. hey avroair is this coin going to production?
  8. Am i the only one that wants GC.com tracking to really work?
  9. Here is a good place to start, http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productList.cfm?categoryID=4 just another $4.25 more. no nifty JEEP dog tag
  10. Vacman coin, it has something to do with the colors of the triangle, Dark triangle is 1st version,lighter color is 2nd version. i think
  11. Any Updates? nothing on the news page lately.. thanks
  12. Right on pdxmarathonman On the Money
  13. Here is MiGO's very own sig item, a Limited Edition Silver coin!!! (Encapsulated in plastic case and protective foam, only 50 were minted) i really like the Silver coin , to bad just a few were made.
  14. what no one knows/ cares?it should be just like the Germany,mou10bike,USA coins
  15. i'll take 3 Any updates? thanks
  16. When they say "trick your wjtb" im sure they didn't mean rip it apart and add stuff to it, more likely add stickers or something like that. Be kind to your WjTB! Most of these custonized jeep are jacked up by grown Adults, thats what is crazy:P
  17. Hey avroair send me a freebe of your personal coin and i'll shut up about the size JK, i do hope to trade for one someday though still up for some of these coins if they get made
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